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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by sakura_blades, Sep 29, 2013.

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    I'm a little confused with what's going on with my server lately. I'm not having any trouble with low TPS like one would expect, and most of the time it sits around 19-20 TPS, but it has been known to spike even higher than that...

    I have seen my server's TPS spike up to 27 TPS or so, and I don't know why..

    Could someone please explain to me what might cause the TPS to go over 20? I've heard this can't exactly be very good for certain things on the server, but I haven't noticed any trouble yet..

    On rare occasion I'll get some new player login and complain of lag, but I'm reading everything to be normal. They'll tell me their internet is fine, their FPS is fine, and it has to be the server. Won't even listen to me that perhaps it could be their connection to the server, not necessarily their internet.

    I'd like to better understand whats going on if at all possible.. Please help me?
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    I once remember when the MD guy said the plugins for the TPS tend to go above the capped 20 sometimes. Maybe its just a hunch, you could always put the timing on for a while and see if anything should be looked into or if any console errors error resulting into a spike for users or certain ones.
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    I haven't noticed any errors coming up in console when the spikes happen. And I wouldn't know what to install to monitor my TPS for me, I have to check it manually via console or ingame every so often.
    My server's website also displays a history/current TPS record of the server over the course of the day too...
    It's essentials I'm using to check the server's TPS at the moment though, and I don't believe I've installed anything to change the TPS or at least to cause it to spike. Unless having a plugin that regulates the memory usage on my server could cause this?
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