Really bad problem: "afk flood"

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Fishfish0001, Dec 1, 2011.

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    That is a picture that was repeated many times across my forums in the wee hours of the afternoon today. Someone with the intent of disrupting my server and causing it harm managed to connect, and then "disconnect", but still be in-game and cause that (on purpose). My admins were unable to ban or kick him, and he was unable to be killed as he wasn't technically in-game.

    I have an anti-spam plugin, but since he managed to abuse a bug (I guess?) in Essentials, he caused about 8 hours worth of damage, and nothing was logged into the server log.

    Any tips on what to do? I have his IP and it is already banned, but I have a feeling he is ging to strike again.
  2. Reload the server?
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    That doesn't exactly help when I am not at home at home watching the console, I shouldn't have to stop and start the server every time he does this.
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    If his username is banned, and his ip, he shouldn't be able to get in unless he's on a dynamic ip and has multiple accounts. In that case though, he's basically spending $26 to troll you every time you ban him. Just keep banning.
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    May be your Essentials. Did you attempt to delete essentials and reinstall it?
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    He managed to "connect" and kept flooding packets to the server while still being disconnected. Therefore kicing and banning did nothing because the game didn't recognize him as actually in-game.

    Ill report this to the Essentials Team.

    He clearly knew about the bug as he kept abusing it and laughing at us, so it wasn't an unintentional bug.
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    This looks more like a craftbukkit bug to me, if he was able to modify blocks on the server while he was disconnected.

    The message you see there is given out before we kick someone, if he can stay online after a kick because of a bug in craftbukkit, the message is shown over and over again.

    We added a fix to our code to reduce the spamy message (hopefully, since we can't test it), but I don't see any fault by us, that allows the griefer to stay online. If you have more info, please let us know.
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    He couldn't do anything, he just managed to stay in somehow, so the essentials kick just kept trying since he was over 30min. Therefore spamming us for 8 hours.
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