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    Plugin category: Role Play / Fun

    Suggested name: Realistic Food

    What I want:
    Hello, I come here today to ask for a very simple, but good plugin!​
    The plugin I will be needing is a food plugin... I basically need it where I can change​
    how much it heals you, if it heals the food meter or the hearts, or even both, and also ​
    I need it so you can only have one piece of food per stack. ​
    All of the food's in Minecraft will be included, Potatoes, Carrots, Bread, Raw Food, Apples, God Apples, Etc, and in the Config, there will be all of them listed, whether or not they heal Food Meter or hearts, and how much they heal.​
    That's all I need, thank you!​
    PS: I will make a video on how to use this plugin and how to set it up,​
    once you've made it! In other words, I can get you a couple hundred more people!​
    A good amount to start with!​

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin. All config based.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions needed for this plugin. All config based.

    When I'd like it by: Today.​
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    If you search, then you will find that this has already been made. I am not going to search for you, but I know it has been made because I used to use it on my Kit PvP server
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    The part where you can change how much food heals you, but I am asking for something else... Also...

    Do you think you could link a plugin that you so call is exactly like this.

    Bump - It is the next day.

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    Nobody is going to code something for free in 1 day. Try Spout forums if you need something instantly (Pay)
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    Its a super small Plugin...
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    That is what you think
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    Disagree... it is a small request O_O, for my standards anyways. If you can get it done in two classes that have less than 500 lines then that is a seriously small and easy plugin, which this could be.
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    Even a well known plugin creator RingOfStorms said it was a small request, and it is. I am not asking for a whole new aspect to the game such as magical items, or different enchantments. I am simply asking for a different health you get from food, and that food items do not stack.

    Do you think you could make this plugin for me? I would really appreciate it!

    That would be great. It would be even more great if you could ask someone to use their plugin and combine the two, as I have a fairly small server, and I am trying to limit it to 20 plugins.

    By the way, great website, I have used a couple of your plugins in the past. Great work, I just have one question,
    what shaders mod do you use for the screenshots? And what do you use to host your website?

    Alright thanks! It means a lot!

    Cookies? I am not sure what you mean? Did you mean that can't? Cake?

    Oh, I see what you mean now, uh, leave Rotten Flesh and Rotten Eyes stackable I guess.

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    Because it is a small request -.- , but then again i would only take me
    30 minutes tops to make but im buzy

    Btw who ever is making this plugin be sure to use Material.CARROT_ITEM not Carrot because Material.CARROT is a seed. Same goes for potatoes
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    That's the most ugly & horrible way to stop items from stacking. Lol.
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    Took me a lota experimenting to realize that :p
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    Alright, it would be nice to have custom amount of health for each item, but there are thousands of plugins like that out there, I will be fine, if I am not, I will send you a private message. ;)

    Thanks so much for doing this!

    Wouldn't skull be the block and the Skull_Item be what was just a Entity? I have no clue, just guessing..

    Perhaps you can post the Coding you've and someone can help you fix the problem?

    Is there no way to just use the code from like Alpha? Cause then Foods items couldn't stack...

    Yeah, I understand, but I've seen it on servers, could you try to do some research? I am sorry for 'pushing' you to do this, but I know you can!

    PS: I have seen this on other servers.

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    heres a config for anyone thats interested
    1. Food:
    2. Apple:
    3. heal: hunger
    4. modifier: 4
    5. BakedPotato:
    6. heal: hunger
    7. modifier: 6
    8. Bread:
    9. heal: hunger
    10. modifier: 5
    11. #Cake slice
    12. Cake:
    13. heal: hunger
    14. modifier: 2
    15. Carrot:
    16. heal: hunger
    17. modifier: 4
    18. CookedChicken:
    19. heal: hunger
    20. modifier: 6
    21. CookedFish:
    22. heal: hunger
    23. modifier: 5
    24. CookedPorkchop:
    25. heal: hunger
    26. modifier: 8
    27. Cookie:
    28. heal: hunger
    29. modifier: 2
    30. GoldenApple:
    31. heal: health
    32. modifier: 4
    33. GoldenCarrot:
    34. heal: health
    35. modifier: 6
    36. Melon:
    37. heal: hunger
    38. modifier: 2
    39. MushroomStew:
    40. heal: hunger
    41. modifier: 6
    42. PoisonousPotato:
    43. heal: hunger
    44. modifier: 2
    45. Potato:
    46. heal: hunger
    47. modifier: 1
    48. PumpkinPie:
    49. heal: hunger
    50. modifier: 8
    51. RawBeef:
    52. heal: hunger
    53. modifier: 3
    54. RawChicken:
    55. heal: hunger
    56. modifier: 2
    57. RawFish:
    58. heal: hunger
    59. modifier: 2
    60. RawPorkchop:
    61. heal: hunger
    62. modifier: 3
    63. RottenFlesh:
    64. heal: hunger
    65. modifier: 4
    66. SpiderEye:
    67. heal: hunger
    68. modifier: 2
    69. Steak:
    70. heal: hunger
    71. modifier: 8
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    No, it's just stupid, ugly and harder than it should be.

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    i have made a version of this but it needs further bug testing , ill link u as soon as im done

    BUGS ATM :
    - Heals the normal value before the config value (a.k.a double heal)
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    I made your plugin.​
    I included the food level/health change feature, according to the configuration file posted in this thread. I didn't include the max stack size feature, because you can already achieve such behaviour with other plugins such as StackableItems.​
    Please make me take note of any feedback or requests by sending a message on my profile with a link to this thread. Also, you should totally come on my server to get some paintball action with your friends!​
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    Alright, its great although could you make it so we could change both of the healing and hearts?
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    nice to c my config was used :p

    EDIT: dayme
    1. HashMap<String, HashMap<String, Integer>>

    Didn't know you could do that

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