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    Gotta try it out when I come home today, but till now: Sounds absolutely awesome!

    I hope everything works :) No more snowtiles, dropping torches (Don't think about redstone, poor Players! xD One Water source and the work of hours could be washed away) and a little bit of tweaking the fluid system.

    If it works like this, you're my hero :D

    I'll try it in the evening at #733 and tell you how it worked.
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    Is it possible to get this with Multiworld support? Many of my players constructions with water are arranged in a way that can cause server crash just by installing this plugin on my base world.
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    Nice! Installing this now! Gonna check it out and report back!

    Edit: Forgot to say: Thanks for all your hard work! I know it's not easy to do with a full schedule.

    After Playing: I like it! I haven't tinkered around with the pumps yet because someone on the server loves his pixel art and would be sad if the blue blocks suddenly started spewing out water haha. Otherwise it feels a lot quicker and more responsive than the previous version! Bravo! Now to just get them pesky buckets working :D
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    cool can't wait to hear back about anything

    by multiworld support, you want to be able to pick which worlds use it or note right? if so this is probably the easiest plugin to make ever, just have to catch the RealFlow events and cancel them (which isn't tested yet)

    the pumps are interesting and dangerous at the same time, though i will be making them activate on a configured event, either restone on, redstone off, or always on so that server owners can change how it works
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    Okay, nothing flows, and yes: I use Overwrite 0 true or 0 false, or something else.. fluids just don't do anything now :(

    If it helps:
    Block Storage "Invalid config file found and converted into proper name/format"
    (Even after it was just generated!)

    Fluid Pumps work, but it looks like the overwrite command doesn't. (A water block gets pumped from one spot to another, but then the water isn't flowing, just standing in the new position)
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    Hm, can you post your Realfluids.txt file? Mine is working correctly :|
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    Between the 3 plugins (RealFluids, FluidPumps, and BlockStorage), only RealFluids should complain about a configuration file as it is the only one that uses one, and if that is messed up then it would cause the overwrite lists to not be filled

    so all in all, port the configurations file so i can look at it
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    Actually... it's yours :confused:
    1) I tried the auto generated one, didn't work
    2) I created a new one (RealFluids.txt I think, same name as before) and just typed every single line of your posting here in the forums into this file. :-/

    Did you change the directories? Blockstorage is now: BlockStorage -> Realfluids -> "world" -> *** instead of Blockstorage -> "World" -> ***

    Maybe this has something to do with it?
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    BlockStorage has always used the folder structure to store the data as BlockStorage->PluginName->WorldName so it can have different plugins register with it and different worlds

    EDIT: my RealFluids.txt (which is posted in the OP)
    WaterStartLevel: 2000
    LavaStartLevel: 1000
    MinimumDifferenceLevelFraction: 0.05
    RepeatRate: 1
    MaxFlowTimePerRepeat: 25000000
    SimsPerRepeatFraction: 0.5
    FlowDownFraction: 0.5
    ChunkCacheSize: 1024
    WaterOverwriteList: 0 false
    LavaOverwriteList: 0 false
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    Got exactly the same config file now (Controlled every letter... and just added 2x "0 false" to the original)

    I always get this error at every startup:

    Okay wait a second, I'll deactivate ALL plugins except yours. Maybe the config file is from Permissions :D

    Now it looks like that:

    Oh wait, already got #740, maybe that's the problem?

    Here you go, my config file:
    Really can't find the error :(
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    i have no idea, as the copy pasted version from you just started up just fine on my test server
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    Maybe my world is already too big? I'll try it with a new map (Too many fluids?) *Sigh* But no.. it just updates them with a block break / add event?
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    the amount of fluids has no bearing on that config file, it is only touched when the server starts

    maybe have the server generate a stock one, try to start the server, stop the server, add the blocks to the overwrite lists, then start it again

    though gtg, be back in a few hours dealing with life
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    New map doesn't help.. alright...
    I seriously don't get it, bukkit version? Which one are you using?
    Or maybe file ehh... uhh.. you know what I mean.. UTF8, ISO***.... maybe this causes a problem?

    Could you please upload your RealFluids.txt? Just with overwrite 0 false

    EDIT: I always make a stock one. I delete all folders (RealFluids + BlockStorage) and let the plugin create a new file. The first start everything is fine.. the second start it already says: Config error (I didn't even touch it!)

    EDIT2: HAHAHA wtf!? From where are you? :D It's working now... BUT!: When you write your numbers with 5.5 it's false.. when you write it the german way (my way): 5,5 it's right :D
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    I'm not sure what is going on...but I would suggest this:

    Start from scratch. Recreate the server (just by moving the exe file over to a different folder). Let it create a world and then add the Blockstorage and RealFluids back in and see. Something is going wrong-Possibly a left-over from another poorly scripted plug-in?

    Edit: Your RealFluids.txt looks fine but here's mine just in case.
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    It's already working now (See EDIT2). I think the plugin uses the system default for numbers? :confused: Or something like that.
    For me it's for example 5,50€, for UK it would be 5.50€.

    Everything is fine.. just one big!!! warning: Lava Overwrite can do something with water too! I tried it with water: 0 false 50 true and lava 0 false 50 true 2 false 3 false (grass + dirt).

    When you have water flowing around and use for example //drain 50 (from world edit) the water acts for a second like lava! It washes 5-10 blocks beneath it away before it vanishes, leaving a nice crater :(

    But when I use "normal" options everything is fine, thanks a lot! :) Gonna start tweaking the values tomorrow. Could you please focus on saving fluid pumps when stopping the server? It's stupid when complex systems are destroyed whenever you restart :(

    Good night for now, getting late here.
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    yeah tell me about it, luckily this update doesn't have to be in tandem with a RealFluids update as its a separate code path

    also i will be working on a plugin that disables RealFluids on certain worlds so it can be controlled on a world by world basis
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    Okay, I played with it and I think I've found a good config for my server, between performance/style/feeling of the fluids.

    Now my biggest wish: Saving fluid pumps and black wool for sucking up fluids. With this features it would be perfect :D (Or good enough for now ^^)

    Btw.: The black wool should _destroy_ the fluids. It's possible to suck up fluids and save them... more and more... and when you destroy the block it's like a bomb going off. I designed a "Fluid-Bomb-System" that can create a 100 block high wall of death (lava) in 1-2 seconds ;D
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    well i also still need to save fluid pumps, fluid flows, and a way to kill off old fluid flows as to save time and effort generating flows
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    I don't know how exactly the fluid flow is calculated, but!: Couldn't you add something like: When no fluids from this part of the fluid system (Maybe one lake, or one water block in the open) hasn't moved a single bit for 3-5 seconds, then just transfer it back to "standard fluid blocks" and forget the blockstorage data about it?

    I mean: When there is no movement the calculation is finished... the next time a player destroys a block and it starts flowing again it will just be updated and everything starts from scratch?
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    i was thinking around those lines, but i will not be removing the BlockStorage associated with it as that keeps the fluid level, i don't know why you guys are so gung-ho about removing that aspect as it is necessary and doesn't use very much memory and uses minimal cpu time
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    Hey mindless728,
    We have been using this plugin on a 4-5 person average server, with many other addons. It is working fine! No lag, no errors, no nothing. It makes digging underground a lot more exciting- the usage of air-lock systems can save a player from the majority of their tunnel being flooded with lava (Which is how it should be!). My friends and I drained a massive lava lake that was in our way by just digging into another cavern and connecting the two. I can't really find any more annoying bugs besides the buckets not working.

    EDIT: Ah I think I forgot 1 bug. Sometimes when placing the water blocks over lava, they just seem to dissapear. Works great though! I think release is close to ready :D
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    will try to make that bug happen myself, i think the lack of lag is from limiting the amount of time that this plugin is allowed to run, while making the fluids run slower at times, it saves from totally lagging from the server
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    Yeah because the server was not lagging but the water movement seemed to slow down. We were near bedrock if that makes a difference.
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    height makes no difference, but if the fluid is coming from sea level (height 64), there are a lot of fluids flowing causing them to slow down, i figured it was better to slow down RealFluids rather than lag the whole server

    i am hoping that the flow event discarding cleans up the queue of flow events to allow them to flow faster, as long as they started flowing or had an event change its time within the last say 15min
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    That sounds like a good idea to me- I'm surprised you're able to do so much while at school haha.
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    this isn't much, when RichGrav first gave me the idea i had a working demo in a day or so, then had a few quick updates then this quarter slowed me down
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    when you guys say that buckets arn't working, do you mean that when one empties a bucket, the bit of water doesn't update on it's own?
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    Right, you need to first create/destroy a block next to it.
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    that is pending for the next update
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