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    As I understand it: (in the second image) The water levels of the upper pool are lower, you just can't see it. Changing it to show the lower levels of those blocks of water would require a client side mod.
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    Ahh, ok. And since this is made for bukkit, that will be near to impossible, right?
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    yeah, i am waiting on Spout to have some more features so i can lock the fluid height, though there are other ways (like sending chunk information every server tick) that i could try

    UPDATE: I got a lot of the bugs worked out last night and am going through a code review of myself to see if i need to add features, then a few days of testing and lastly going through commenting and creating java docs, then the FluidFlow plugin can be released. After all of that i can begin work on the RealFluid api that will work in tandem with FluidFlow then create a water and lava version (if the api is setup well this should be minimal) then some test builds to see what people think. After test builds will be adding configuration file support, commands, and permissions (more than likely using bukkit's permission system)
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    I'll look into this.
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    Aaaaahhhh! It'
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    no FluidFlow is close (ie in submissions as v1.0), i still have to write the RealFluids (a lot) base code then the RealWater and RealLava code (which should be a couple of lines, not much after the base is done)

    though on a positive note i am going to make the flowing more realistic with a local minima path finder for real fluids so they don't just expand outwards, another positive with the FluidFlow and Fluid classes controlling everything from management to threading, i should get some performance gains.

    lastly with the water and lava versions separated I should be able to make different flow lengths (ie lava can flow slower than water), which has been a major grip about this currently

    if you want to check out the classic version of this head to the FluidFlow thread where i will be posting the individual types of fluid (Classic, Infiniminer, Real), though the Real versions will also have there own page as well for support (unlike Infiniminer and Classic)
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    Awesome! Will you make a reply so we get notified once you release the update?

    I've been rather discouraged to use bukkitcraft now since it seems you either use that or you modify the server's jar, but I would still like to test this.
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    have had this suggested before, not interested in porting finite fluid over, would rather have it server side only as to NOT require client side mods
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    If you can do this, then that would be amazing.
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    Hello! I am new to this forum. I might have done something wrong, but it seems that it does not work for 1.8.1 server. Sorry if this question has already been posted, but I'm so bad at English, so I can not read the whole thread. Is it that it simply does not work with 1.8.1 server, or as I say that I have misunderstood something?:) Grateful for answers.
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    It might not, this is code that I am no longer maintaining and IMO should be used in a live server anyways (very buggy)
    The follow to this should have been FluidFlow (which allows different kinds of flows), however development of that stopped due to me developing private plugins for a server
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    So it no longer works with the newer versions? If so very sorry. Thought to have a littledrains and stuff on the server. But what is IMO? Could you maybe able to imagine that someone elsecontinues at the code? But I can not mod, so I can If so, do not send any code to. And I am sorry if I have misunderstood again.:)
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    I have no idea if it does work with the newer versions of bukkit as i haven't had time to test it

    IMO - in my opinion

    I have no idea if someone wants to continue the code no one has asked
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    It still works for me ;) If it stops working, i'd probably do something to get fluidflow or this working the way my server peeps want.
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    well to get it working on FluidFlow would mean a complete rewrite IMO and with the newest RB FluidFlow is now broken since the Bukkit team changed how the configuration files work so that aspect needs reworked as well

    I don't see RealFluids breaking unless they mess with some of the internal events as it uses its own configuration file loading/saving
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    Gosh, I hear you about the change in config from bukkit, jeez huh? Luckily, at least for now, you can still use it the old way. That ought to give me time to rewrite the stuff in my own plugin.

    I'd just like to thank you (again?) for making RealFluids, my players love it.
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    well if i ever get the time to work on it, it will be for FluidFlow and a side note to that is each of the fluid types in that plugin are in separate threads. So with this system you would have 3 threads of execution Minecraft, RealWater, RealLava
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    I haven't had a chance to look at your code on that yet, DynaMark is taking up most of my free time. But I do intend to, I've been curious about it for a while now.
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    Sorry for my bad bad english
    if you have a " RealFluids: Error in configuration file"
    this because have three problems line

    122: minimumDifferenceLevelFraction = scanner.nextDouble();
    128: simsPerRepeatFraction = scanner.nextDouble();
    130: flowDownFraction = scanner.nextDouble();

    in different regoins of our planet we have a different write the float numbers

    to solve this problem in config file change "." for ","

    for example :
    WaterStartLevel: 200
    LavaStartLevel: 100
    MinimumDifferenceLevelFraction: 0,05
    RepeatRate: 2
    MaxFlowTimePerRepeat: 25000000
    SimsPerRepeatFraction: 0,5
    FlowDownFraction: 0,5
    ChunkCacheSize: 1024
    WaterOverwriteList: 0 false
    LavaOverwriteList: 0 false
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    Spout now has custom block support. Maybe you could use that?
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    if someone wants to they can, i stopped developing for this plugin a long time ago

    the best bet would to be update FluidFlow and make RealWater and RealLava for that system (better performance as it uses separate threads to flow the fluids) and hook into spout with custom blocks

    i jut don't have the time and motivation to do this as i have been writing code for my server as it needs it, then running the server and working full time and school full time

    the code is in github for anyone to look at/fork ------> RealFluids GitHub
  23. no one could recode this plugin for R5 please?
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    Well anyone is free to fork the code, keep the same name, and re-release it. Quite frankly the code in this is quite atrocious, is un-optimized, and if you set the cache level too high uses a metric shit ton of memory

    I have been thinking of a better way of doing this plugin, but haven't had time to look at it (i run my own small server, write code for it as needed, and work full time in my field)
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    Albouy romain

    Hello, :)
    I fork the code of RealFluids, FluidPumps and BlockStorages:
    All are up to date (for recommend version of bukkit). it's not bugs free =), i've tryed on my server and it work pretty well.
    rundmx, The locale bug was resolve (i think, it's need tester).
    I have adapted it for the new bukkit event system.
    I will see if i can improve it, like put the natural water block infinite, for reduce the lag when you pumps an ocean.

    Sorry for my poor english =/
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    Did you update BlockStorage, as the version on the github had not been updated for the new 256 block limit. I used it for a newer project and updated it but never pushed it. Also, there can be instances when it is replacing a lot of old chunks where it can cause a NPE (NullPointerException), I found this in the new code that I wrote that went through 20 chunks/s
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    Albouy romain

    No, i have not edit the height limit on all project, I will reread all the code for found where it's used.
    I will add a water detector block in package of the pumps, it's useful for manage with opened tank without flood the city.
    Do you know from where the NPE come?
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    Nope, haven't been able to track it down, when I get some time I'll post an updated version that I worked on and see if you want to use it. Essentially instead of using a large 3d array I used a hashmap from location to data which should use less memory if the data is sparse (however will use more if not so) and I only changed the ChunkCache file (well this depends on how old the version of BlockStorage is in the github)
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    any way we might see an update to this in the near future?
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    considering I have on more than 1 occasion said I am not looking to develop it more, probably not. However, for my server I am updating (essentially a rewrite) of the entire FLuidFlow plugin, I may or may not take another crack at this, but don't expect it or take this as a yes
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