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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by nerzul0101, Dec 26, 2021.

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    Hi, I am new here and in bukkit development,

    I am working on a plugin which when players die, write in the same file /plugins/namePlugin/fallenPlayers.yml
    And moreover, when a player joins this same file is read.
    Since we expect a lot of players to die and to join/connect at the same time, my question is: have I to deal with synchronization or lock of the file ?
    are events called synchronized in minecraft servers ?
    Does using the FileConfiguration api give any syncronized/safe approach or I can use File and GSON for example, with the same result (I mean in concurrency context because I would prefer json instead of yml) ?

    Thank you in advance, this is my first plugin.

    I will release it when it is finished.
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    @nerzul0101 There's no need to read the file every time someone dies. Instead, you can load the fallen players from the file into a collection when the server starts. You can then save that collection to the file once in a while or when the server stops.
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    In that case, would I have to deal with synchronization ?
    Because I don't know if the events in minecraft are called synchronized or you have to deal with sync when you use shared resources (lists, files etc...)
    By the way, I like your approach, perhaps the only problem would be when server suddenly breaks and it is not able to save the collection in the file.
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    Minecraft is single-threaded, so no.

    That's why you save once in a while. You can also choose to save to the file whenever a change has happened. You're trying to avoid reading from the file, not writing to it.
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