Read this, a good idea! (can you make a 1.5 server think its 1.6?)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by lamnea, May 30, 2011.

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    Hey so basically this is my question, Can you make beta 1.5_2 bukkit server let bet 1.6_5 clients connect to it? maybe by changing the version number or something?

    I mean it wouldnt have any diffrent blocks (just not the new ones) so why would it crash? If you could do this you could just slide long untill a proper version was relesed using your old plugin se up etc!

    I want some ansers from peopel who actually have some idea with the server code etc.

    Thanks alot, lamnea of FucntionCraft!

    i apploigise for the bad typing (and spelling) my keyboard is old and buttons dont work properly!

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    It is possible but there are packet changes that wOuld cause crashes of both the client and the server under certain circumstances
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    This is possible by modifying the bukkit build, I doubt it's possible with a plugin (if it is that'd be amazing).

    It is possible, as it had been done before here for 1.3/1.4. The person who made this ended up tossing some malicious code in there later on.

    Sadly, because of these problems, we're no longer allowed to distribute unofficial builds. Source and Source.
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    I did this for 1.5, allowing 1.6 clients to connect. Unfortunately, it's not really stable enough, in the sense that players get disconnected a lot.
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