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    Hello, I know there ARE a lot of plugins that have multi inventories, but I haven't seen any of them have per world customization inventories, like the multiverse one is PER WORD, but I wanted it so you can have CERTAIN worlds share inventories like if I make a world for players to spawn called "Spawn" and then my survival world called "Survival" and have them share inventories, but not have them share inventories with the creative world "Creative" and maybe have "Survival_nether" in the same inventory.

    All multiverse inventories does is makes EVERY world have it's own inventory, and that's not what I wanted. So if you could help me out by making a plugin like this and sending me a link? Thanks to all who try and help me. :D
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    Someone needs to make a Plugin Search Requests forum.
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    Multiverse-Inventories does allow grouping of inventories, its all done by config -.-

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