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    This post is now outdated and replaced by the below link:

    Before you request a plugin you should read this:

    What plugins are not able to do:
    • Create a new block.
    • Create a new item.
    • Create a new weapon.
    • Create new armor.
    • Create new food.
    • Show a picture to a player (except maps).
    • Show a video to a player (except maps).
    • Push things in a smooth movement like the original pistons. (Could be possible with Beta 1.7)
    • Create a new monster.
    • Create a new animal.
    • Change the size of a mob.
    • Check if a player has a texture pack/mod installed.
    • Play music/a sound (Would require an Audio Client, Existing Noteblock sounds can be played).
    • Force a player to join (except NPCs).
    Please post things I missed on the list.

    Plugins are only able to modify what a server can do. Not what the game can do.

    If your plugin you want to request has to be able to do one of those things, then please don't bother a plugin developer with reading your post.

    Thank you for reading this.
  2. If you read the Spout's page and description, it says they are in the midst of adding custom item/block/entity functionality.

    Also, Spout plugins are still Bukkit plugins. As far as plugin functionality is concerned, a plugin CAN do these things.
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    That'll require a client mod.
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  4. No it wont, lol. You just download the Spout Client and you're done, simple as that.
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    The Spout Client is something like a client mod.
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  6. It's not a mod at all, it's its own client. All you have to do is download it from the Spout page, double click it, and you're done. Now you have access to everything you say cant be done with a plugin, even though it is.
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    Mod = Modification
    The Spout client is a modification of the normal minecraft client.
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  8. Technically that is true, but if you say something is not possible simply because it requires a modification (even if that modification is simpler than installing a plugin (simple download, double click)) then you are holding back great ideas and plugin developers willing to take on those ideas.
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    so if you requested a plugin which gave ranks {i.e builders can only build some stuff - admins can break everything can place every block etc etc} Would it be allowed
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    Yes because it's possible. You're allowed to request every plugin but the most of the developers (I believe) don't really like impossible requests, that's the reason why I posted this. And if you're searching for a ranks plugin, there are already 4 of them: Permissions, PermissionsBukkit, PermissionsEx and EssentialsGroupManager.
  11. WorldEdit can create new blocks
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    I meant creating a whole new Block. Not placing one.
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  13. Oh, I understand now.

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    Thanks! :D
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    You're missing the point. This thread is solely about what plugins can do server-side, without hooking into ANY additional client mods. And SpoutCraft is most definitely a client mod. You even said it yourself, it's its own client. It completely modifies the original launcher/client.

    Plugins *with* SpoutCraft can do a lot of things, yes. But that requires everyone on the server to SpoutCraft first, which is what a lot of server owners tend to avoid (due to the ignorance of their users, and their incapability to install anything)
  16. I like to think people are not so stupid. I mean if they can download minecraft, they can download spoutcraft. It's that simple. My point is that it's not a client mod to the extent that you have to have some experience in order to know how to modify the jar. All you have to do is link the download, then double click the file and you're done (same as if you had to get a fresh install of minecraft). If people can download minecraft, they can download spoutcraft, they aren't idiots...

    People can still connect to the server without spoutcraft, I'm merely explaining if you have at least some intellectual capacity to download a jar executable, then all these problems will go away.
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    Thing is, this thread advertises itself as a list of things not to suggest because they can not be done.

    Problem: They can now be done in a reasonable way. The fact it requires SpoutCraft is irrelevant, this thread advertises itself as a list of things impossible to do and there's an acceptable and centralized way of doing some of these things now. I think this thread should stop advertising itself as the list of impossible things for plugins or remove the entries that are actually possible (and sometimes even completed).
  18. Not yet they can't. Nothing in the original post is able to be done now, other than the Music (by which it does in fact mention not without a client mod). You'll have a point when it is actually possible without client mods.
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    There are more then enough people using SpoutCraft to make it a viable choice for some server owners and if you bother to actually search "Spout" there are a lot of *impossible* mods made by developers. It seems that if you suggest it nobody will do it, but if you do not suggest it they will make it themselves then? :p
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    Their working on it.
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    Lupo cani

    Well, since there, as of 1.7, is code for smooth movement in vanilla minecraft, I think it should be possible.(but I'm no expert)
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    This isn't updated daily, its really just here to give a general idea. I'm sure they update it every so often though.
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    Lupo cani

    You can't ask me to ignore every error in the list, just becouse they might already have discovered it. If they want me to ignore them, they should put up a small text that says"Please don't complain about errors, we will most likely fix them". But no, it accualy says:"Please post things I missed on the list." They want me to notify them if I have seen that something is wrong, and som I do.
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    Why can't You Make Mobs?
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  26. Should be updated since spout can do new blocks/items/animal/mobs :p
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    I could continue this forever...
    Read what @DomovoiButler said.
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    true xD...
    another reason is not all people like spout including me so no need to put new stuff on this one
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    This thread depresses me.....lol...not because you can't do those things...because people don't understand what client mods are and why they should not be considered true plugins of bukkit >_<
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