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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by kezz101, Jun 10, 2012.

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    I think we have enough stickied threads.
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    I believe otherwise.
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    It's not like people actually read them, look how many requests are formatted. (I only respond to formatted requests)

    I guess this deserves a sticky.
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    I think a sticky thread like this is a good idea but maintaining it could become a full time job.

    To prove my point, could you add OnTime to your list of promotions plugin? A group promotion is one type of playtime based reward this plugin automatically generates. Thanks.
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    May i copy this to my help thread? WIll give full credit!

    Ill do it, just tell me 2 delete it if you don't like it there!
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    Well I am on these forums an awful lot so constant updates are not a problem! I'll add OnTime right now :)

    I'd prefer of you just linked to it...
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    I really like this idea. I think we should either get a different forum for this or ban it altogether. This is a forum for plugin requests, not for trying to hire dedicated developers. I'm sure there's a better place for it.
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    I'll mention it in the thread! I mean the hiring of developers is alright but keep the money side of things private yah...

    Just a quick bump

    Re-Formatted slightly. Added World Generation.

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    I love how even with this someone just asked for a hunger games plugin... there post was literally like 2 post above this one.. and it wasn't even formatted...
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    Well the way I see it is that if this post helps so much as one person. It's a success.
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    Maybe it'll remove a few potential "EASY NODUS FIX" or "I WANT HUNGER GAMES" or "STOP ALL HACKS IN THE WORLD" posts. Yay!

    Good job, kezz101 :)

    Hopefully this will be stickied... One day...
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    We might have to resort to tagging TnT !

    Oh wait...
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    You forgot:
    Triggers and Scripts - Any plugins that allow you to set triggers and use scripts. My personal favorite is VariableTriggers
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    Not trying to self advertise, but NoItem blocks specific items :)
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    I'll add that in a second!

    Hehe don't worry :) As long as it gets the job done heh! I'll add it now...

    Added NoItem and VariableTriggers

    Whoops, I just the hyperlink in the last paragraph xD It's back now

    Will do asap

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    You might want to add ExpLevel to your Automatic Ranking section.
    It auto levels groups based on Total Exp earned by the player.
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    Sounds pretty good! I'll add it later :)
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    So how do we get this as a sticky?
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    You would have to tag a staff member (for example, TnT).

    Hopefully it will be stickied soon. It's not like we have that many...
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    Congrats on getting it sticked!!!! Hopefully people will read this...
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    Thanks for the sticky, Bukkit. Congratulations, kezz101.

    Maybe this will decrease some of the repetitive and impossible posts...
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    Yay sticky :D thanks!
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    And all the ones about enjin, lol, "Enjin API"
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