[READ ASAP YOU CODERS!] Best and most Popular plugin Ideas

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by ceoff3, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Hello Coders and Idea makers! For you coders, I would just like you to read everything below so that you can know what to make as the next plugins you should make!! So, if you code, just read and make comments. If you are the ones Making the ideas, just please right them down. I just want this to be a community project to get some more awesome plugins! YAY!! See you guys around! Or possibly not [creeper]
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    Make this btw sorry if you dont have spout :(I have a faction server and i would really like it if someone made a zombie plugin if you get attacked by a zombie you have a chance of getting infected and when you are you look like a zombie i dont mind if this plugin adds spout support or mob disguise whatever but it would be cool if you added spout support adding landmines and stuff but they can check their infection by /infection permissions i dont mind if you dont implement just do some commands for defualt op and some for players here are my ideas zombies can break blocks faster with their hands but they cant place blocks or open irondoors also they must right with their bare hands but have more health and attack power.They should also be able to breath under water and can tame other mobs (or make alliances) so that they are neutral or so the zombie can tame a mob by idk you think about that and zombies can roar out to others. Humans (with spout support) should be able to craft new weapons and armor landmines/grenades dont add guns though because my server already uses gunpack and that is all that sums up the plugin idea i have i have found others but they are bad and contain many errors.Nukes would be cool to :D
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  5. I was thinking of creating a landmines plugin. Who wants a landmine plugin?
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    No no no no no! This isn't good! There is no need of this thread! Just post on the forum you're own thread, if you con
    tinue to use this thread, I doubt anyone will make you're plugin, especially if it's written like this
    Ill informed, bleh, doesn't taste good.
    EDIT: Reason for this? I doubt plugin developers will be looking through all these posts for the plugin that they wanna make.
  7. Lol he's asking if anyone wants that plugin not if someone can make it.
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    Moved to a more appropriate forum. Also removed server IP - post in "Show off your server" forum if you want to advertise.
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  10. lol
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    2 Things:
    1) Don't use grey text. Seriously :/ It makes my eyes hurt and makes me highlight the darn text to read some of it.
    2) Artificial intelligence all the way!
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