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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Vilsol, Jul 1, 2013.

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    Well i have some suggestions.

    The Progress shouldnt be displayed if you can handle the Block changes in one Tick.
    The Video has some of them where you change 50-100 Blocks and the Progressbar showed up
    Also i never saw the Progressbar growing. I only saw the 0% point and another point, then the Plugin says done.
  2. The feature I have implemented is that it will only show the progress if you hold a wooden hoe in your hand.
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  4. The informer sends you an update every second, no matter what, unless it has ended.
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    So why dont you calculate something like ETA ? If the ETA is over 1-2 Seconds show the Progressbar. If not just dismiss it.
  6. I cant calculate an ETA because if there suddenly are 10 people running, and as the plugin divides the job, then it would be quite stupid to not show the progress bar.
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    I'd like to work on this when I finish battledome :D
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    Just an idea. Maybe add a command like /changeblock <blocktochange> <blocktochangeto> so you can change all blocks of a certain type within your selection to another. If you add this I would definitely download this :D
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    mattrick16 This feature exists here as /wm replace <from> <to> (and in WE as //replace <from> <to>). :p
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    Oh....wow now I feel stupid. I guess thats what you get when you don't look up commands.
  11. Just released a new version: 1.0 R1 (Revision 1)
    • Upgraded Metrics
    • Code optimizations
    • Added stacking
    • Changed all commands to /.
    I am currently working on Copy/Paste, but after that you can vote on what I should do next.
    Vote Here: http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=527e5612e4b06cfb69b96cba
    Or suggest down in comments!
  12. I have updated the plugin and now it supports copy and paste as well as I fixed the builder completely.
    Update is available on the dev.bukkit page.
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    I would recommend doing changes in configurable chunks to avoid crashing, I see this as one of world edits weakness's. You can make large changes and destroy everything, if you could make this do changes in sections of a configurable number of blocks, or based on server ram, I think that would be great. This is something CoreProtect does well, you can rollback the server for a month and it won't crash or lag because it doesn't use all the available resources.
  14. The plugin operates in so called local and global limits. You define a global limit in a config (Or with /.limit), and then the plugin will divide the workforce between all of the processes that are currently going on.

    I am later going to implement that the plugin will simultaneously check the server TPS, and as it changes, the plugin will start limiting itself, and when the TPS would reach 5, the plugin would stop itself completely until it is safe to continue.
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    Won't splitting it into different process not help unless they are run one at a time?
  16. When you run a command, lets say /set 1 Then it starts a builder that is attached to your session. When someone else does the same, that means there are 2 builder sessions in action. Every tick the plugin allows itself to place as many blocks are in the global limit. As there are 2 sessions, the limit is divided by two, which means each of the builders are allowed to place half of the global limit of blocks.
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    Please... make a command that will outline a specified block type with second block type...
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    Ah ok great thanks that is awesome :)
  19. Do you mean something like this?:
    View attachment 15756
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    Yes! but maybe the option to have a 2D version of it on The XY, YZ or the ZX axis.

    or to put it in simpler terms, have the option to outline on a 2D plane
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    This looks so cool!! I think I am going to use this instead of world edit.
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    Vilsol Ive contacted you in skype as i would love to help you in this project.
  23. @DevRosemberg Its on github, you can fork and pull request at any time...
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