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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by YaEyezOnMe, Dec 8, 2011.

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    Heey Guys!

    I had this idea for a plugin, but as I can't write plugins, I wanted to ask you guys if you could make it for me/us. So here's the idea:

    A plugin using signs to show our appreciation of the builds that are made. You put a sign on your build, where other people can (right)click on to +1 your build. Or maybe 2 signs, also one for -1. Maybe an iConomy option added, so the builder can get payed for each +1 he gets. Of course only one +1 per player, per build.

    Picture for example

    And that's it. I hope someone can help me, and the rest of us, out and create this plugin.

    What do you guys think?

    (I will donate some money to the developer who makes this plugin and keeps it updated)

    Greetz YaEyezOnMe
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    That is a freaking nice idea. If I get some time on the weekend I will see what I can do. It´s actually quite easy ;). And keep ur money mate, most of us develop cuz we love it, I guess :). Its a nice idea though, but like said, for most of us money isnt the reason we do this .
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    Love to hear that you like the idea. I'm looking forward to hear from you if you can make it, or have any suggestions/tips. (Sorry for my English not being totally correct. Me Dutchman likes spelling-check :p )
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    so.... Have you found the time to look into this idea last weekend? (don't want to push, just curious)
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    Jeah, mate, I did look into it. And I kinda have the idea set up on how to do it. I just need to find the time :/.
    I would actually like to implement World Guard protection do determine if the building has been rated already. That means that every building which shall be rated has to have its own World Guard region. Would that be ok for you? If so, I will start as soon as I can :).

    But to be honest I can´t promise I will have the time before the next weekend. So just to give you an idea on how long it will take. If you want to get it done faster, feel free to ask someone else :).
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    pff Yea... time... I think we all wish we had more then 24 hours in one day...

    WorldGuard implementation sounds cool. I would like you to do it, I'll wait patiently xD
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    Such a good idea.
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    This would be awesome. Could you guys include me on updates?
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    Apparently a really bad cold caught me, so I´m really not in the mood to make this plugin right now. Im sorry about that, but I really need to get well first. So I think its just easier to look for someone else to do this.
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    Oh that's to bad man:(. Hope you get well soon.

    I'm not really in a hurry to get this plugin made, but if someone else wants to do it, please let me/us know.
    If no one reply's maybe you can do it after all?

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    So, anyone interested to make this plugin? PM Me.
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    Is this plugin created? I am looking for the same sort of thing.
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    I've been looking for something like this as well. It's a great idea, im surprised no one has created it yet.
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    I know, right. Im still waiting for someone to make it. I got one offer, the guy could make it for 15-20$, but it doesn't feel right to pay someone for making a plugin, unless its donating...

    So, is there anyone interested in making this plugin....?
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    I like the idea, too.

    Maybe I´ll try to make it. (But dont expect too much^^)
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    ok let me get this straight. you want 3 signs. the 2 outside signs will either have +1 or -1. The center sign will count the total of likes or dislikes? so if 5 ppl select +1 the center sign will have 5 likes?

    the plugin idea is "simple" but the engine to run this plugin would be very difficult. At least for me anyways. alot of math would have to go into it.

    EDIT2: ill try and work on the plugin, see where i can get. Im already working on a secret project so im not sure what will happen.
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    one problem with this is we can not know how many have clicked the building...
    maybe it should look like this?


    == -2000/+1000 ==

    or something like that
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    Yea, or like this:

    = RateMyBuild =
    [ -12 / +15 ]
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    Yeah an overall score and likes/dislikes and last line becomes the owners name?
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    I think this would be a great plugin especially for building servers. I am interested in this for my server if you guys could keep me updated on its progress. Make sure you make it so that players can only rate the build once.
    Below is what I think would look the best for the middle sign.

    .You have rated this................ (The middle says if the player has rated the build already or not.)
    .......[ 0 - / 0 + ]........................(Shows the rating of the building.)
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    Hey guys,

    I'm back after a some reallife stuff...
    ...and directly started to develop this plugin.

    After 2-3 hours this is my first result:


    There are many bugs and it's not working really nice :D
    Getting this plugin done by the end of the week.

    Any suggestions now?

    And i got a small problem handling the check if someone already voted. Now i create a txt-file for each sign that is created with "RateMyBuild" and store users that vote in them. Any ideas?

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    Thats really all I need. I am guessing the name under [RateMyBuild] is the Builders name?
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    Instead of WG regions why not make a yml file with the users that interact with the sign.
    So it would store the playerID, sign ID and a timestamp so they can only vote 1/x hours or possibly only once per sign.

    Then of course another file that stores the votes for the signs.

    Leftclick sign -1 and rightclick +1

    Anyways good idea, would love to see this added soon. Future things could be a monthly reset on all signs and the highest 3 voted gets certain rewards, like money/gold/diamonds/whatever.
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    i was just thinking of that, instead of making txt files and save the players who interact with it so they cant vote again... why not just make a 'yml' or database for every player who interact with it and the timstamp stuff
    so they can vote again after some time later
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    Don't make it so that they can vote again that would ruin the purpose. Just have it so they can vote once.
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    yml files are txt files, and I did actually say "why not make a yml file with ...." :p

    @SwiftTwo if all the data is recorded in yml files it can be a option in the plugin config for example:

    allowmorethan1vote true #False means once a month only
    #if more than 1 vote is true...
    delaybetweenvotes 35m/24h/1d/7d # 0 for no delay or w/e
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    I see...
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    theres some difference between yml and txt files, so its not the same

    but there are some truth with your phrase

    yml are txt files, but, txt files are not yml

    and im not saying the part "why not make a yml file with ...." as a new idea...im just phrasing it again
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    You see they should only get 1 vote per sign because if not, there will be alot of vote trading.
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    I love to see the progress. I hope you guys don't mind i don't interfere with the technical side of developing this plugin...

    If i can do anything other than that, just let me know...


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