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    So I know there are a lot of other rank up plugins, but most either take it too far or don't even have the feature I'm looking for. Basically:

    New user joins the game, yay!
    New user reads sign to do /rules
    New user does /rules and reads the rules
    New user is now ranked up to "default" or another rank defined in the config!

    If the user does not do /rules, they will get a message (defined in the config) every 2 mins (defined in the config) telling them the defined message.

    Example config:

          Command: rules
          CommandRun: You have ranked up!
          Message: You need to do /rules in order to rank up
          MessageTime: 2 (in minutes)
    That is all I need/want, and it seems very simple and light weight! If anyone could make sure a plugin for me, that would be great and I'm sure other people would like a plugin like this too.

    Thanks :)
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    iv been on a server with this, try looking for it in Bukkit Dev it may be there!
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    There are plugins like this that exist. They use "passwords", commands, or signs to rank the user up.

    I found one that is similar, but not exact, here. There are many others, just have a look-see around!
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    I looked at that one, and the one issue is here:

    "let the users decide the command to rankup"

    They have yet to add that, so I can't use my /rules command which is what I want people to read in order to be ranked up. As I said, I've looked around and most of them either don't give me the freedom to change the command to what I want, or aren't even updated.

    Most don't even work with the new permissions system :(
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    Anyone? :(

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