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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: PrisonRankList

    What I want: Well we know the RankList by teozfrank.Many Prison Owners dont like that because the author wont avail the owners to fully customize the ranklist and its contains about his server blabla anything like advertise.So i want a ranklist that can customize by a owner by configging.And add some variables like - 'A:{COST}'.And Make it compatible with PrisonRankup.

    Ideas for commands: /ranks

    Ideas for permissions:prisonRank.ranks

    When I'd like it by:This week?
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    Well, my Plugin CommandOverride is able to do this. However you have to define everything manual.
    Link is in my Signature.
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    Its too hard for me but i will try =3
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    u can do Mycommand. you can make a command send a text. Like /ranks will show you a list of ranks that you have set in the mycommand.
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