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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by HypdUp, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. Hey guys! I need some help, so I want to make A,B,C,D Rank and Officer,Captain,Warden and then I want donator ranks which is $,$$ and so on, so how can I make them have D or C or whatever and also have the $ symbol if they are donators? so for example [ D ]( $ )IGN:Type Something Here!
  2. Anyone?
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    It matters if you use PEX or GM because the prefix option is somewhere else i believe
  5. I use Pex I know I can make them a color for $$$ but I want them to have the group D or C or B or A and so on but also so it shows that they are Donator with the $ symbol in the chat in example I want it to be like this in chat
    [D]($)Ign:Type Here!
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    like i told you several times before, you need to edit the prefix manually.
  7. I know, But How can I do it? thats the question do you have a tutorial or something I cant do it unless there is a tutorial
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    you.. set the prefix to what you want.

  9. Sigh.... Ok you obviously dont know what Im asking for, If I go in there and put the prefix to D,C,B,A do I then Copy and paste the same ranks again but with the donator ranks so one group has a normal [D] prefix the other has ($)[D] am I correct?
  10. Pastie the permissions file please.

    P.S. I find Essentials Groupmanager much easier :)
  11. Do what your trying to do is make it so that if he is already rank D, and donates, he will have [D] [$]? There is no way that I know of that will do this automatically, but I do know you can do it by hand. Here is an example of a D and $$:

    This takes the ranks $$, $, and D and puts them onto one player. You could do this with C and $ too like this:

    I hope this solved your problem. If not, try to explain the situation a little more clear and detailed to me:)
  12. OMG I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH LOL. Now what I need to know is how to make it so that the Ranks dont affect the name color like the rank is yellow and the name is yellow also I want it to be white for Normal Users and Light purple for Donators and mods
  13. Just put the color of the name you want after the prefix. Like so:
    prefix: '&e [C][$]&f'

    It now makes the players name white(&f).
  14. Ok I did everything can you see what I did wrong? its not working here is the pastebin
  15. Is there any error in the console on startup?
  16. I found the problem I think. Try this:
    I forgot to mention that even if a group is just using permissions from other groups, you still have to define that there is no specific permissions for that group. So under prefix you have to add this:
    permissions: []
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    his solution also works, what i suggested is to set the user prefix based on subgroups, saving adding a load of redundant groups.
  18. How exactly would I make the subgroups?
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    simply give the donator the $ group, but in a way that it wont be the primary group (check your PEX plugin commands)
  20. I checked the commands didnt find anything like that do you mind giving me the command if not the way Hey did it worked perfectly even though its gonna be a hassle making PaidRanks signs for all of them xD
  21. Thanks a lot working like a charm! [diamond][diamond][diamond] Diamonds for you!
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