Ranks gained through Item collection.

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    What I'm looking at ascertaining is the ability to create a rank ladder that is climbed by players who turn in set numbers of items until the entirety of that rank is filled.

    IE: to progress from your default rank to the next would require 200 dirt blocks, 100 cobble and 5 iron ore.

    The plugin should, via command, remove all of the required type blocks for the rank and display a "remaining to be collected" list.

    I'm looking for a type of rank system like this to assist with a few things. Help along stale economies and add value back into standard or mundane objects, and to provide players with little time online to feel some sort of visible progress.

    I think this would be a bit better for play style than having an admin shop setup for players to dump everything off, turn that into cash and using some other plugin to buy the rank directly with an economy bridge.

    Being able to turn in fractions of a rank at a time would keep players from having to stockpile thousands of blocks later down the ladder, and depending on the type of materials required could still require significant work by the individual or group to help someone out. I've poked around a bit but I've yet to see anything quite like it, anyone think this is a feasible idea?
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    Dunno about current citizens but the old one had a quest system which could be used to acomplish this.
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    i could make this but it depends how m,any would want the plugin
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    Sounds simple enough, i can do it for the sake of learning how to use databases with bukkit plugins. if you have Skype so we can communicate easily?
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    Sorry after a week of not seeing any updates figured everyone ignored this idea, I'll send you a PM with my skype info.

    I think the popularity of the plugin will be determined by how simple the plugin is on the user and the complexity it offers the host. Being able to compile a list of required items for the rank should be able to handle items meta values and numbers of several items. I didn't mention MySQL as a form of database tracking but I think thats probably the easiest to access and track large groups.

    We've all seen the rank plugins that use currency, that's either attained through an economy plugin hooked into jobs, or vast admin shops that buy everything.

    I wanted something that felt more native to MC, mine a block pick it up. And when your ready issue a command. For simplicity i'll say /ranksend. That would simply pull the items in that persons inventory that are marked for the next rank out, and apply it to the next rank, another command /rankstatus would simply tell them how much more they need.

    I remember inventory hooking was not something highly developed in previous versions, and I'm no java guru so playing with this right now is beyond my skill sets.

    I personally think pulling items, accurately counting them IN the inventory isn't something that's been done yet. I've played with NPCWarehouse and Citizens 1 and 2. Most of their quest script was to either Mine a block, or pick one up. Simply acquiring blocks and attempting to turn in the quest never worked when done via other players or shops. I was not sure if this was ever fixed, or it was a limitation of the current API.

    I appreciate the interest thus far. The original intent of this post was to see "Can this currently be done." If it is I intend to fund the person working on it. This isn't for a private release or private plugin for my server, but its something I would like to see used commonly and I think the system would be yet another tool staff members across the MC universe would appreciate having in their belt should they feel it useful.

    If someone was extremely creative they could incorporate Equipment and their enchanted metadata into the plugin, so not only would a person say have a list to collect, 100 Obsidian, Diamond Ore that they'd have to use a silk touch pick to get, but say an enchanted set of diamond armor with a specific enchant, or weapon. Another trick would be to display the /rankstatus, which its config would be written in data values "I prefer data values because it would allow people using it on modded servers to make use of the plugin as well" would have to use the text version of the name when displayed to the player. Not sure how many players would know that value for a diamond sword with sharpness V and knockback 1 would be =)

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