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    This is kind of a long plugin but here are the basics
    -Badlion.net has this in PotionPvP and SoupPvP
    -Kohi.us has this in Practice2.
    Part 1)
    -Each player joins the server with 1200 ELO.
    -As they fight others in 1v1 matches they gain and lose ELO.
    -Example: a rank 1100 fights a 1800 in a 1v1. the 1800 wins. 1800 moves up 2 ELO making his rank 1802.
    1100 moves down 2. Making his rank 1098.
    -Say the 1100 wins, the 1100 would move up about 28 ELO, 1800 would move down 18 ElO. This would even out as the ranks get closer together.

    Part 2) Making your own kit.
    -Kit 1- P1 UNB3. S1. Instant Health2 pots. Speed 2 Pots. Fire res pots. Flame1 Punch3 Bows. Enderpearls. Poison 1 pots. Slowness 1 pots.
    - You can customize that kit above, with those items in a chest, then save your kit with a sign. then load it with another sign.

    Part 3) Random matchmaking
    -Click a sign that says [KitName] ranked to join the queue.

    Part 4) Donators
    -Non donors get 12 ranked matches a day
    -First rank gets 40 a day
    -Second gets unlimited
    -First rank gets blue name
    -Second rank gets any color name.
    -Possibly more.
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