Random warp/teleport plugin.

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    Plugin category: Warp/teleport

    Suggested name: Random warp/teleport

    What I want:

    *The idea is kinda 'simple'.
    *The plugin will work with Worldguard (and optional Essentials.).
    *Example: I have a pvp arena with a region. Now when people join the arena, after a while they know when a person enters and WHERE he will spawn in the arena/area. so the will prob attack him in the back.
    *Now the plugin request will prevent this.
    *How?: /warp arena -> The player will warp into the arena region at a random location. So example: the arena is a simple square 20x20 -> the player warps to enter the arena and will be teleported inside the arena at a random location inside the 20x20 defined region (by using Worldguard. And the region has to be named exactly same as the warp name.)
    *Now as additional (if possible) extra for the plugin: Able to work also with the [Warp] sign using essentials.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: warp.random -> Player with this permission will warp at random place inside the defined location, without he just warps to the defined warp point.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, can't give at certain date, though I would like to, but I don't know how long it will take to code this plugin, let alone if its possible to make.

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    Yeah its nice plugin but its not fitting my needs :s
    I want the plugin I requested mainly for pvp arena's etc. And large zones.
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    In case you didn't read my BukkitDev message.
    I'll be adding WorldGuard implementation to RandomTeleport. Possibly other implementations too.

    Edit to my pervious post, I'll see if I can't have this done tonight. Secondly, RandomTP implements WorldGuard region support. For Example: If you don't want a player to teleport out of the PvP arena simply don't give them the permission
    Also, when creating a WorldGuard teleportation region, you'll need to use the command
     /randomtp create NAME_OF_EXISTING_REGION
    Note that this will not create a protection, but mearly tell my plugin that the arguments are the region you want my code to look at. If you have any further suggestions or questions please PM me or reply.

    I finished the update, I'll have to bug test and post on DBO tonight.
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    Anyone that can make me such plugin that fits all my needs?
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    Can you show this plugin of yours in action first. I don't like downloading a file which I do know nothing about...
    Srry but I hope you understand...

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