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  1. Plugin Features: I would like a plugin were a player will spawn in with a custom item (Configurable) and what it will do is randomaly teleport you somewhere between the a set of cords so like
    I would like this to be able to spawn in on the first kit, also they would right-click the item to randomly teleport and perferably make the item named "Random Teleport" and the description would be "Right click to use" but you can make that configurable.
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    I have created this for you.

    Download from my Jenkins server:

    Let me know of bugs or any thing else you want adding.
  3. connorlinfoot very well work done again, amazing work as always :)
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    I have now added a config option to change the item. Download the 1.1 version from my Jenkins.
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    I use it. It is awesome, like you !
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  6. Works great! Thanks for your time sir it's much appreciated !
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    I actually have a plugin just like this. I could give you the SRC code.
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