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    hi, i'm making a smp with some friends, and i'm building a huge thing in wich i'd like to see them kill eachother. it's kind of a hunger games, but more dungeon-like :)

    the point is, it's not the last one standing, but it's the first one to achieve some goal, or something like that.

    so for the plugins:

    random spawn: i want to be able to define where player CAN spawn (like with /RS *number*) and that would allow players, when they are killed not to revive each time the same place. i'd like to have 10 rooms or maybe 15 where players may spawn, and those would be different entances of the dungeon/maze/arena.

    refill chest: it's good if they revive somewhere, but if they have no stuff, there is no point in reviving them, so i would like to fill a chest with stuff, then use a command (/RC *number*) and it might be reloaded (= cleared of what it still has and then filled up with what was in the chest at the moment of the command) after a *number* ( seconds) of time. so they might find stuff in there when they die, but could not take it, close the chest and take it again... :)

    if anyone is interested in making those, that'll make me n my players really happy :) thx

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