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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TheJerryGoes, Jan 5, 2015.

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    Plugin category: FUN/ General

    Suggested name: UndercoverDis

    What I want: A plugin that can let players with the permission, to disguise as a random player and not be noticed by others, the 'random player' will be created from names and numbers in config, it will look like this:
    #If compound is enabled, when a player disguises, it will take a word from 'first word' and 'second word', Joining them and creating a unique name
    compound: true
    - Banana
    - Mango
    - 123
    - OMEGA
    - Steve
    - Batman
    - lolz
    - 123
    - desktop
    - computer
    - fake
    - tornado
    - poop
    So When a player disguises and compound is enables it will randomize and probably get something like:
    Batmanfake or Bananapoop

    Ideas for commands:
    - /disguise

    Ideas for permissions:
    - undercover.disguise = The permission to let a player disguise

    When I'd like it by: January 21st
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    @TheJerryGoes If you have DisguiseCraft, iDisguise, or similar, this should be really really easy to cobble together from the default Bukkit commands.yml.
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