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    Suggested name: RandomMobHealth

    What I want:
    Its get boring that all mobs have the same HP. i want a plugin that set the mob health to a random health in config.yml

    For example config.yml:
    health: 20 - 32 / the mob will spawn with random hp between 20 and 32
    health: 500-600 / the mob will spawn with random hp between 500 and 600

    Commands: None

    Permissions: None
  2. do you want it with animals or without?
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    Without, only mobs
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    animals are mobs
  5. Onlineids

    I'm guessing he means hostile mobs.
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    I know what he means it was just a correction
  7. Onlineids I know you know what he means.

    I was saying it for Shmobi.

    Tahgged (Is that past tense?) the wrong person.
  8. well, you can choose that now. I made it flexible. You can enter every mob (with his english name) you want to get modified. Also i added a spezial thing. if you add a mob named "unknown" all mobs which arent listed in your config.yml will become modified like this. if you enter unknown with the values 10-20 for example, every unlisted mob will have a max health between 10-20. if you dont list unknown, every not listed mob will have the normal max health. So you can decide on your own, if you want to set Life of all not listed mobs or not.

    btw, in this text "mob" means every kind of animal or monster, everything which is a living entity. except for players :)

    the config must look like this:

    if you put the maxlife at front of the - or behind dont matters, it will look on its own which value is the higher one.

    you can also make whitespaces (enter or space) in seperate lines to make kind of an order in your list. and you can write whatever you want into it, if no values are following it will skip it. like this:

    and now the crap which dont counts for me as a monster or an animal
    and now the unknown mob i told you about
    I guess you got it. but its important that you write the values directly under the mobname (you can also leave whitespace, but just whitespace) and the values must be splittet with a minus "-" without spaces in front of it or behind it!!! else it will skip this mob

    is this what you wanted or shall i edit something?
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    Lol, awesome is this what i wanted :D, and i write "mob" cause im brazilian
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    So, are you working on it?
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    I actually started making this a few days ago without even reading this thread, I'll let you know how it goes
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    Ok,Thanks :D
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    Profan I made the plugin, and uploaded it to bukkit two days ago, but it still hasn't been approved by Bukkit. I haven't gotten any word from them about it either. You can find it's page here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/mob-randomizer/

    Note: this plugin should work for all mobs that you list in the config. Infact you could actually list player and it should (untested) randomize players health when they spawn.

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    When the project ins't approved can you give me the link?
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    Profan I can give the link to the page yes, It's still a bukkit page, It just won't let you download it. But you can check every now and then and wait for when it is approved. I'm really not sure whats taking them so long, the plugin was only 50ish lines of code.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    donsavage The staff approve files in order of submitting. They work down a list, also note that they are all volunteers.
  18. Sorry, i was afk for a few days...
    Profan You asked a while ago if i am working at it, i finished it at the same day you asked for it xD i´m so sorry :D

    it´s finished and works fine, runs on my own private server, too. how would you like to get it? shall i upload it to bukkit or e-mail ... whatever i dont care about.

    unless you havent found a good resolution you can have it
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Shmobi Direct link on here?
  20. i still made a few plugins, like about 10 or 11 and i am a java developper (job), so dont think of me like a newbie in coding because of what i´m telling you now.
    i´ve never been uploading a plugin somewhere, all were just made for my own server. so who do i ve to strangle to make happen what you want me to do? xD
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Shmobi You can upload the plugin to mediafire or dropbox and then post a direct link here.
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