Random kill Reward!

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Is this a good idea that would add a twist to pvp?

  1. Yes, I like it!

  2. No, Sounds boring.

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    Name: Random Kill
    Details: Every time you kill someone you get a random potion effect. For example, I kill a player in a pvp arena and it gives me speed II for 30 seconds. Every potion effect that is given to a player per kill can be configure for the number of time (duration) they get the potion. Also a option to disable potions.

    Configuration example:

    #Made by (your name)
    #Suggested by xxCrazySkullxx

    - 30

    Instant_health: true
    Instant_damage: false
    Speed_two: true
    Poison: true
    (All potion effects here or included in plugin!)

    Permission nodes:
    rk.kill (makes a player have he ability to get potions effects after killing someone)
    rk.bypass (when you kill someone you won't receive potion effects)

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