Random Java-Crashes with Bukkit.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by LanToaster, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Well, we recently Bought a RootServer for our MineCraft server.

    But ever since our MineCraft server seems to Crash Randomly with some Nasty JavaErrors:
    (some Examples)
    We run serveral Plugins, but i dont think any of them would be the Issue, because I copyed the Exact MC-Server on our last RootServer and it doesnt Crash.
    We have absolutly no clue what could be Causing the Errors.

    I will post the SystemSpecs today Evening, when i get a Chance to talk to the SystemAdmin.
    I hope anyone can give me some Suggestions where the Problem could be.
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    Are you using java 32bit? Try the 64bit. Also you could try Java7 as that seems to work really well for minecraft servers.
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    We tried several JavaVersions, including Java7, openJDK, the last Java6 and had settled to Java 6.0_26 because thats running our last Root. And we are Using 64bit, do you think 32bit could help?
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    Found someone on the minecraft forum that had the same problem and someone said

    "If you defeat the Enderdragon this will go away. If it doesn't, it probably has something to do with your obfuscation or LWC. "

    Apparently it fixed his issue.
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    Hmmm, ill look into Orebfuscator and LWC, the EnderDragon is very Unlikly, as my MainServer still runs 1.81 because i want to Update to a Stable server, and even 1.81 crashes, (wich crashes right now more often than the 1.1 TestServer on Bukkit RB3)

    But LWC screws the MySQL connection sometimes up, maybe its it.
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