Random Events / Rewards for Players

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TomberWolf, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Hey community,

    does somebody know a plugin that give us the possibility to create events for players?

    Example: I want to provide Survival Games. So the players get a random message "Hey, get a special item on Survival Games. Do you want to join?"
    The player choses yes or no and joins an event.

    Survival Games was just an example. Events should be flexible with commands or something like that.

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    @TomXPro possible but tedious, we would have to know ALL your plugins so we could hook into them..
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    I thought it in a more common way.

    Admins can set up random intervals based just on Chat messages.

    I TRY to give a full example:

    event 1
    - name: "Survival Games"
    - text: "Hey {player}, Survival Games will give you some rare items, do you want to join?"
    - action
    - yes: "/sg join xyz"
    - no: "Too bad. You missed some fun."
    - interval: XYZ

    I hope that clarifies my thoughts. No need to hook up, just a simple command based and very flexible event plugin.
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    Damn... I searched so many times for "Events" but never found "Event".
    Thanks mate! Looks promising.
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