Random chunks being create completely separated from main map

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by footwo, Jun 30, 2011.

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    I'm not sure if it's CB or a plugin but something is causing chunks to be generated way beyond my border limit, and the chunks are not connected to anything else.

    Check out the map here: http://mc.midgardrealm.net/pigmap-default.html

    It's quite far zoomed out to begin with since these random chunks, although not connected to the main landmass which is BorderGuarded, increase the size massively.

    Zoom in a little bit and you can see my main world as a circular disc, and in the bottom right, and just to the left of the disc you can see random 1x1 chunks that have been generated.

    Does anyone else get this problem? It's extremely frustrating as I already 'fixed' the map once by deleting the unwanted chunks in MC edit, but now they are back. It makes cartography pretty much impossible as creating a static map incorporating those random chunks in the middle of nowhere creates a gigantic image file that won't load in any browser.
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    Matt Harkins

    Could be a chunk error.
    Is your console spamming at all?
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    Nope. We fixed it the other day when we moved to a new machine, but then they just reappeared almost instantly, and only on this world.

    Removing them is a pain because we have to download the world, open it in MCEdit, fix it, then re-upload.

    What do you mean exactly by chunk error? that could apply to a lot of things :eek:
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    Matt Harkins

    Chunk errors are basically random chunks that are placed by the client (Bukkit in this case). You can use BB but it has no ID, basically just unexplainable chunks placed randomly on the map. Usually it happens more often when the map is corrupted and causes severe lag. I recall having 4 chunk errors on my server causing about 12 second lag...
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    These are my plugins btw:

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    anyone got any info on this? it's still happening even after we've manually fixed the map. Does nobody else experience this?
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    It's Citizens that is causing it.
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