Random Chests + Night/Day Zombies

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    Random chests:
    I don't know if it's already is a plugin like this, if it is comment a link to it!

    I want a plugin that makes every chest in a world defined in a config to be randomized and refilled every 2 minute(displayed in the XP bar and will also be sent in the chat(i want the Message to be configurable)).
    And i want to be able to define what items That could spawn and how big % chance it has to spawn.

    Night/Day Zombies:
    I want a plugin That makes zombie spawn at day and doesn't burn! I want zombies to damage 4 hearts and Have speed 1.


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    Instead of "I want I want I want", you could try to properly explain your ideas, list all the features of the plugins, define what commands and permissions you'd like, and nicely ask a developer to create it. If you're going to ask a developer to spend his time on something for you, at least spend some time yourself on creating a decent request.
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    I'm back at school this week so sorry, I won't be able to take on any more requests at the moment.
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    dsouzamatt Haha, that's too bad :p I've still got like 5 weeks (18 August) till my school starts XD
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    Lucky! I'm in Australia, so we get 3 weeks in the middle of the year.
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    I can try to do something like this tonight unless someone else wants to do it before-hand.

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