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    Hello everybody :D

    Plugin category: Fun/Event

    Suggested name: RandomChestEvent

    What I want: I would really simple plugin here is the description. Every 3 - 5 hours a random chest appear(spawn) with configurable loots, When the chest spawn the plugin will give out to everyone the chest coords. Then everyone will fight to get the loots.

    Ideas for commands: /rce timer <time in minute> (change the timer)
    /rce spawn (Force respawn a radom chest)
    /rce radius <radius> (Change the radius where the chest can spawn)
    /rce reload (Reload the plugin)

    When I'd like it by: A week or Two.

    Sorry for my horrible english grammar.
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    I don't know of a plugin that can currently do this but what you could do is place chests out in the world on their own and then use Phatloots to set custom timers on them with random chance for loot that you set up for it. The only thing with this method is that players could camp the chests but if you were to place down too many for players to camp and change the timers once in awhile, this could work for you as a temporary solution. You should read up on the documentation that Phatloots provides on their bukkitdev page.

    I can help a small amount with commands if you're stuck setting up a chest so please let me know if that is the case.


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