Ram leaking, LagSpikes, Crashes 1.4.5

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by worstboy32, Dec 13, 2012.

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    I'm having a lot of issues with my server for almost 2 months now.
    Normally i never ask for help for running the server but i'm really getting crazy from it now.
    I will first explain what's going on etc.

    First of all it started after 1.4 i think.
    There where a lot lag spikes and really huge lag spikes that completely froze the server.
    After weeks of debugging and removing plugins and switching maps etc etc
    We found out that it was save-interval what created the lag spikes.
    We set it to 0 and the lag spikes where gone.
    then i added a script that runs /save-all every 2 minutes.
    Also tried more delay but that didn't improve any performance.

    But then a new problem started.
    Huge ram leaking and crashes like every 3<>8 hours.
    This is still happening now and i think it's only getting worse some times it's not even 2 hours on.
    I have already disbled each plugin 1 by 1 and switched the world to a default world.
    None of this solved the ram leaking.
    I have been using different dev builds from normal cb.
    Yesterday i have installed spigot with the garbage collector.
    But it didn't solve anything either.
    Still a lot crashes and ram leaking away what also cause tps lag.

    We started with 50+ players on average before the issues started.
    Now we have lost a bunch and have around 10 online.
    It's making me go crazy i don't really care about the player amount but i do care about their playing experience on our server.
    I have tried a lot and have been debugging for weeks/months now without any good results.

    I hope someone is having this same issues or had the same issues.
    And that someone can tell me what i can do to solve the issues.
    And i'm not sure if all plugins i use are updated to new api so i prefer only builds that where before the api change.

    Some server info:
    ram: 3gb (Tried with 8gb but that didn't make it any better)
    players average: 10 now
    os: Linux 3.2.0-29-generic (amd64)
    java: 1.7.0_07
    average tps: (after start 18<>20, After a hour it drops and getting lower and lower.)
    worlds: 3
    - Main world (6k border radius)
    - Shop/Events world (1k border radius, Players can't build etc here.)
    - Collecting world ( 2,5k border radius, Players can just collect materials here.)
    Plugins: 61
    Show Spoiler
    FWAbility : 1.0
    WorldBorder : 1.6.1
    PlugMan : 1.7.2
    FWfix : 0.1
    Vault : 1.2.21-b271
    LSoup : 1.2
    Multiverse-Core : 2.5-b641
    AutoMessage : 2.0.3
    PointShop : 1.9.9
    VariableTriggers : 1.2.1
    PlayerPoints : 1.522
    ProtocolLib : 1.8.0
    FWFaction : 0.5
    FWDeath : 0.1
    Votifier : 1.9
    FWSignRank : 1.0.1
    LagMeter : 1.11.1
    Citizens : 2.0.4-SNAPSHOT (build 591)
    Jobs : 2.8.5
    HideStream : 2.5
    GoldIsMoney : 2.0.2
    WorldEdit : 1301-d8636ec
    FWDonate : 1.0
    NoCheatPlus : 3.8.4-RC-b271
    FWBank : 1.0
    TagAPI : 1.8
    LogBlockQuestioner : 0.02
    PermissionsEx : 1.19.3
    TerrainControl : 2.3.4
    LogBlock : 1.60
    FWGlitch : 1.0
    Quester : 0.6.2
    HelperBot : 2.0
    FWCore : 1.0
    WorldGuard : ${project.version}
    FWEmpire : 1.0
    ImgMap : 0.1A
    ReportRTS : 1.0.0-b110
    BuyRegion : 1.1.5
    CraftBookCommon : 1406-3b8168b
    BKCommonLib : 1.38
    FWPunish : 1.0
    FWChar : 1.0
    FWChat : 1.0
    Essentials : Pre2.9.6.1
    Factions : 1.7.9_beta
    Trade : 0.4.2
    CraftBookMechanisms : 1406-3b8168b
    Multiverse-Portals : 2.5-b658
    Enjin Minecraft Plugin : 2.4.0-bukkit
    MagicSpells : 2.11
    Denizen : 0.7
    DisguiseCraft : 4.1
    Sentry : 1.2.3
    FWInv : 1.0
    CraftBookCircuits : 1406-3b8168b
    MobArena :
    XBP : 1.9.2
    Blacksmith : 1.1
    EssentialsSpawn : Pre2.9.6.1
    MagicSpellsCastModifiers: 1.2

    If you need any other info just ask for it please.
    I really hope someone can help me try resolve the issues.
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    EDIT: Didn't see the spoiler >.< I'd say 61 might be a bit much, but if they're mostly small ones that might be ok.
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    click the spoiler <3
    Full list including versions.
    And i tried remove them all and it still happend so it's probably not a plugin.
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    61 plugins is kinda excessive. Have you tried reducing the amount and see if it still lags?
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    Nathan C


    A lot of plugins and of course some are not programmed the best....which cause things like this.

    You need to allocated more RAM to the server. You have a 16 gig server, so you might as well allocate 14 GB or as much as you can. Then you really need to start trimming down plugins and removing what you don't neeed.
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    But... I don't have a server :p
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    Oh silly you!
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    Why can I picture you doing this when you say that? :'(
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    Yes, I know it's a lot but like 40 of them are small plugins.
    It have been running fine before all issues and i already removed a lot.
    Having a RP server requires a lot plugins and especially because we have a combination of rp/pvp.
    And as i said before.
    I have removed all plugins and it still crashed after 8 hours.
    I think it's something to do with chunk loading/unloading.
    On the spigot forums there where like 30 pages of people complaining about this issue but none there had a solution posted.
    I'm 90% sure it's not a plugin issue else i would figure it out already after 2 months of debugging.
    Every day i remove and add plugins to test if things change downgrade/upgrade them etc.
    I have tried with a 1.3 bukkit and all plugins and then there was 20tps.
    Even after 1 full day online time there was 20tps and ram was stil at 73%
    And now after 3 hours ram is at like 20% already.
    So yeah i'm pretty sure it's something with cb or something like that.
    It's also not my world i tested it with a default fresh generated world and it still happened.
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    Super User

    CB dev builds arnt the best. Try with Beta Build?
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    Yeah i have.
    Tried the following versions:
    Beta 1.4.5 R0.2
    Beta 1.4.5 R0.1
    Dev #2477
    Dev #2492
    Dev #2499
    Dev #2502
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    Super User

    Hmmm might be multiverse. That tends to use a lot of ram. Why don't you disable every plugin and see if you get any leaks.
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    Did you read what i posted?
    I already disabled all. And it still happens.
    I normally don't ask for help i know how to debug and things like that.
    And i know how to run a server because i have been doing it for 2 years.
    But now i have been debugging for like 2 months now and even disabled all plugins and another map and it still happened.
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    Super User

    So that means its not your plugins. You've reinstalled bukkit so your option could be your host.
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    Since 1.4 bukkit i have TPS drop until 15 or lowest was 8. before i had no regular TPS drops with 20 onlineplayer on my root server i7-920 Quad-Core, 2,66Ghz, 24GB (I have 10GB allocated to the server). i'm experienced server admin since 2 years and I am on this root server since half year = bukkit 1.2.5.

    i think something with KI/Mobs could be the reason, cause i lowered in bukkit.yml the spawn-limits (i think 50% compared to default) and now i have 15-20 TPS with 20 online = less lags.

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