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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by HikariTsukino, Jun 21, 2013.

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    My ram drains from 85% free, to 84%, to 83%, and so on every 1-2 seconds it goes down 1% of free ram. Then once it reaches like 43% free it boosts back up to like 80% free, then so on.
    That while about 7 players are connected and sometimes the server crashes.

    My server is hosted by Daddycheese, a minecraft server hosting company, with 1,5 GB RAM for my server.

    My plugins are:

    Plugins (52): ItemIdFinder, bPermissions, WizardXP, Vault, TreeAssist, AntiCreeper3, AssassinPack, RpgClick, dynmap, Chairs, CustomGates, DisguiseCraft, WaterBreathing, Fly, SparkTrail, VariableTriggers, DoubleXP, Assassination, LagMeter, Jobs, MobCatcher, PTweaks, Head_Back_Crit_Hits, NoCheatPlus, WorldEdit, EasyElevator, CreativeGates, NoPluginDisplay, TagAPI, Prefixer, RpgGuilds, ArcaneEnchants, HealthBar, WorldGuard, HeadDrops, AntiJoinBot, Assassin, MCPacks, Minigames, iConomy, CommandHelper, CrackShot, EnchantMore, Essentials, ProtectionStones, MagicSpells, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn, LWC, ChestShop, AuthMe, LimitedCreative

    Any ideas?
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    1.5GB is a very low amount of ram generally speaking, considering how many plugin you are using this does not surprise me at all. There is really nothing to do or fix but remove plugins.
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    I supposed it... u.u... how much RAM would you recommend me for that amount of plugins?

    And how many plugins for that amount of RAM?

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    That amount i would not do more then 20 and even that would be pushing it. You're really over extending your resources.
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    I don't think there is a fixed numer of amount of RAM for amount of plugins since there are some that "eat" more while others are barely noticeable.

    I'd take the risk and say you should get rid of half your plugins or at least a third of them. Plugins like treeassist can make a server somewhat unstable if someone runs around with a diamond pickaxe with efficiency making trees "explode" everywhere (of course not enough to make your server eat 1'5gb of ram, but with other plugins doing things like that or having to work all the time, all of them together end up eating a lot).

    Antijoinbot is another plugin I'd get rid of. You could do the same with the server's own whitelist/banlist, and I don't think someone would go to a 7-people server to advertise their own server or sell viagra with LSD (I don't know, man, people do weird stuff). Plugins like this one are for lazy admins, and they just eat more ram. Probably same goes for Authme.

    You could also check after restarting the server if there's any plugins giving any error, since that could also cause some unstability because it needs an update or there a not properly configurated config file.
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