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    I have an idea for a plugin. Using some custom crafting, you make a rainblower (diamond hoe with unbreaking X and custom lore). right (or left, i dont care) clicking will launch a large ammount of rainbow firework particles at someone and set them on fire. I hope you can make this work!
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    If I wasn't busy, I would make this in a second. +1 to this idea.
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    that mean you may make it eventually? :D
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    Already almost done.

    Edit: I kinda got stuck, I have pretty much everything there, just missing something. If someone wants to take this over, message me and I'll send you the almost finished source.

    Wait, wouldn't it be this: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/inverse-request-rocket-launcher.119803/

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    :/ but its not rainbow :p

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