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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Anerak, Jan 11, 2017.

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    Plugin category: General

    Minecraft version: 1.8+

    Suggested name: RainDuration

    What I want: Hi, I'm looking for a plugin that allows me to set rain's duration. I run a little server with ASkyBlock, using the option for acid rain. The problem is that, sometimes, the rain stays for too longer and time on SkyBlock is gold for the players

    Ideas for commands: Maybe something like /rainsettime <seconds> [world] or config.yml with options separate by world

    Ideas for permissions: raincontrol.settime

    When I'd like it by: No hurry, but soon is better :)

    Thanks for your time
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    Lets see if I can get it done tomorrow :)
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    Oh, well, thank you
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    TheSourceCode here you are. Coded this in a few hours. Also I have added an auto turn off feature for you. So when you type /rain auto 20 it will look every one second for rain and when rain is detected it will turn off in 20 seconds. Or whatever you set that to be.
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    Thank you so much, it works nice :)
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    You are very welcome
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