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    Name: Raiders

    What I want: Ok, so you can this is a game where you join a lobby, and wait for 7 (Configurable) people join the lobby, once they join, you count down. Then they spawn in a randomly generated world. Two teams. Once they spawn they have 15 (configurable) minutes to build a base. (The other team is invisible to each other till 15 minutes) The teams have to try to build a base. Then they have to pvp and kill each other. (There has to be a world boarder so they don't run) Once they die, they get a reward. All are teleported back to lobby
    • There are kits in the lobby waiting time (Configurable)
    • After a while (Configurable) meteors (TNT) fall from the sky and blow up
    • Killstreaks (Configurable in config)
    • No command list
    When: By new years if possible

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