Raid Base Co-Ordinates Selling Plugin

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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: Raid Seller

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that gives players the change to sell raid base co-ordinates and once the player has bought the base the player that was selling it gets the money and preferably i would need this plugin to hook into Essentials Economy and this is to be an aucion like plugin

    Ideas for commands: /Rb Sell ((Sells the Base Co Ords (Player must have imputted base coordinates.) /RB Buy (Player Buys the Raid Base)

    Ideas for permissions: RaidBase.Sell RB.Buy

    When I'd like it by: The 19th of july 2014


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    Dock What happens if they sell the cords?
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    It will message the players with the Coordinates.
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    Dock I'll do this. Give me 15 minutes till I start though. Got some chores to do.
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    Okay thank you!
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    Dock Don't have enough time to do this plugin. Sorry.
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    Ok okay
    -Still Open To Offers-
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    I shall do this, starting now, sounds like a good idea

    EDIT: presuming that you're using vault?
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    What if someone sells coordinates that are fake.
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    They Get 1 day ban and blocked for a week using the plugin
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    Dock How are you going to know? I myself come from the PvP-Factions part of minecraft and pretty much everyone is scamming there. I mean if you buy coords you could raid the base and then tell an admin it was fake coords...

    A way to avoid selling fake coords would be possible by selecting the base area with worldedit and only if the player who sells the base stands in that area when performing the /sell command it would let them do it.

    2nd Question: How are you going to prevent someone from raiding a base and then selling the coords?

    My fix would be to ask a player on entering the base area if he wants to sell the coords if he says he wants to sell them , disallow him to break blocks in the area and make the plugin sell the coords for him if he says no i want to raid it myself that base will be exempt from selling and the player will be able to break blocks.

    Blocking the reselling should be possible by marking an area as sold somehow.

    That would be how i'd do it, if i made it which im not going to do since I got other projects
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    fefe2008 Sorry for off-topic but how does your signature keep changing color [sheep]
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    MCMastery This is getting way off topic xD You have to put the image in by the URL you get from jades site and no only save the image on the site and upload it to a image hoster (Im guessing you did that?)
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    Oh lol I just saved the image to my desktop
    I like this color anyway
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    I would also be interested in this plugin! could i also get a link when finished? and if the person who intially asked for this plugin is ok with this, make the config languages editable so it can have custom colors and messages when buying and selling
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    Its ok with me HCRaiding
    anyway its a public use plugin once it is coded :)

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