Ragnarok - War Of Emperium inspired Plugin

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MithrandirCraft, Sep 25, 2015.

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    This is an adapted repost for this old 2013 thread: http://bukkit.org/threads/ragnarok-war-of-emperium-inspired-plugin.192126/

    I leave it to any skilled plugin developer who might be interested on taking this :)

    Do you know of any similar plugins to my concept? Please let me know! But keep in mind I am still firm with the development of my own idea.


    Similar proposals have already been made for similar plugins with the same base concept: Ragnarok Online's War Of Emperium Event (WOE) And I haven't seen any applied results on them.
    Therefore I will be trying explaining the concept again, this plugin would be really interesting for a weekly event on my server, and very interesting for any other PvP & Factions servers out there.

    For detailed information on what Ragnarok Online's WOE is, check this link:
    Also check this video from Ragnarok II for a more visual resource, I chose it as I thought it represented more adequately the Ambient of my scheduled event idea:

    So here is my simplified concept on what I would like:

    Required plugins to integrate with:
    -World Guard (For defining castle territories)
    -Factions (For giving configurable world guard region privileges to winning factions on castle territories)

    The idea consists on a simple castle claiming game for Minecraft, where empty castles (areas determined by world guard areas) are claimed by a faction/group?/or individual player, by destroying a cristal at the core of the castle.
    Once the castle is claimed, the player/s who own it will have to defend it (Defend the core creistal) from all other Factions or players which will try to destroy the cristal at the core (regenerated once the castle is claimed by someone other than the previous owner.)

    When someone obtains the castle, all people except owners will be teleported outside (maybe spawn?) so that it gets cleared and the new owners get a chance to defend it.
    Like in the original Ragnarok concept, walls (made of obsidian?) could also be built as barricades to defend the castle, these walls could regenerate by paying/applying materials (obsidian?).

    Smaller defensive cristals could also exist in diferent areas inside the castle as defensive mechanisms. If these smaller cristals are not destroyed first, the core cristal would not be able to be destroyed. These cristals could also be regenerated by paying materials, as well as the main cristal core.

    The game could last a custom number of hours, and would be programed at a certain interval of time. (Saturdays in my case, like in RO) When the game finishes, the final faction or player to obtain the castle gains world guard access to lever's, buttons and doors which lead to a secret dungeon with prize chests. (In my case I would also be adding a special boss, from the plugin MythicMobs.)

    This plugin might seem complex, and it most certainly ambicious but it's quite simple if you take a look at my final schematic of what would be necesary for it to work:

    -Timer for event to start and end.
    -Auto regenerating Barricades: Necesary to be destroyed to advance
    -Auto regenerating Core cristal: Who breaks it gains the castle (Emperium)
    -Auto regenerating SubCristals: Breaking them is necesary for the main cristal to be unprotected.
    -Teleporting system: When the castle is won by a faction, all players except the winning faction, inside the castle region should be teleported outside the game area to try to assault the castle again.
    -WorldGuard and Factions support, If considered necesary.

    Other extra elements:
    -NPC Guards: could also be paid for by the faction or owner of the castle to defend it, would be
    consisted by ingame mobs wearing armor. (Could even have MythicMobs integration for custom guards.)

    Issues I expect to be encountered on the developing of this idea:
    -World Guard area being claimed by whole faction.
    -Specific World Guard flags for land usage being activated to allow for a faction who owns the castle.

    So that's all, If there are any questions or maybe you disaprove of my idea for some reason, or would like to comment on it, feel free. I am interested on what people think of it, as it has not gained any atention on past posts.

    Also, if any more in-depth explinations are requested about this plugin concept, I will be happy to solve any doubts about it.

    I hope it gets some atention and maybe development :D And excuse me for the large post.
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