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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by TheIcarusKid, Jun 1, 2011.

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    The Ragemod team is seeking an additional plugin developer to round out our team. We are building a faction PvP server framework with a built-in lightweight town system. When the town warfare portion is finished and released, we will expand the framework to become a fully-fleshed MMORPG server with multiple classes and talent trees.

    Our primary goals:
    - Make PvP as fun as possible
    - Encourage teamwork
    - Enrich the player's experience with dynamic web applications
    - Keep the system as simple as possible

    Feel free to check out our work in progress wiki for more information about the system: http://www.rageland.net/wiki/

    One unique detail of our system is the Wartime/Raid mode, when PvP protections are temporarily removed from player towns and bonuses are awarded for invasions of enemy towns. Each player will receive their own goal for each raid, described here: http://www.rageland.net/wiki/index.php?title=NPCs_and_Quests#Wartime.2FRaid_Quests

    The current team:
    - TheIcarusKid: Design, documentation, web code, database
    - Zeph: Plugin integration, implementation
    - BrokenTomato: Plugin coding
    ...plus our helpful moderator staff for testing.

    Please post your qualifications in this thread. Bukkit experience is not necessary, but you must be very familiar with Java if you're new to Bukkit.
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    I wish someone out there would be helpful and contribute to this community which really needs help.
    thank you <3
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    Progress Log Week of 6/6/11:​
    - Database set up w/ documentation​
    - Command list w/ documentation started​
    - PvP algorithms defined (bounty & rewards)​
    - Zones and rules defined​
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    Progress Log Week of 6/13/11:
    - Stored procedures for player actions (kill/bounty, login) and town commands created and tested
    - Test web page for database created
    - Player and PlayerTown classes created
    - Database-plugin integration tested and working
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    What do you exactly need done? I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I would rather not commit to something that I have no idea what I'm going to be doing.
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    i would like to join your team if you want i can pm you some of my private plugins;
    i would want to work on the actual plugin development portion
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    Hi Walker,

    Your plugins seem quite interesting. I really like the idea of NetherBan, it's got a certain dark humor to it. Also, I am planning on implementing the same functionality as Sunscreen in the Wilds, which will be an area on the outside of the map where monsters will be stronger and spawn during the day, building will be disabled (except for admins and quest authors), and we will place difficult quests and dungeons. This is described here: http://www.rageland.net/wiki/index.php?title=Zones

    As to what we need done, we are looking for people to help develop some of the numerous small modules that will make up Ragemod. The size of the module would depend on how much time you wanted to commit. We are looking for one more full-time team member to handle low-level plugin coding; this would include wartime code (player damage handling, town takeover, etc), random NPC/quest creation, and ability/spell code when we add the RPG elements.

    We will also accept guest developers that don't have as much time to commit. These developers will be responsible for the development and testing of one small, self-contained module that is outside of the core engine. For example, we are looking to implement an Inn feature where players can pay an NPC to stay the night. After the payment, they will regain mana (which normally regenerates very slowly) 5% per second while sleeping in a bed within 20 blocks of the innkeeper NPC. This system would be great for an outside contributor.


    I would love to see some of your work, please do send a PM.
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    Progress log week of 6/20/11:
    - Town commands implemented
    - RageMod/TestPlugin sources merged into official GitHub
    - Data framework created
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    Is it to my understanding that you're going to change Heroes or use it as the backbone and build onto it with other plugins/mods?
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    It's been my plan to use the Heroes API as the base for our XP/leveling/spells/classes system, while building a lot of custom RPG code on top, including more abilities. I have a set of completely different classes laid out with a different philosophy on progression. From the brief conversations we've had, I've gathered that Heroes would work great for this purpose.

    I haven't approached you officially yet because the RPG aspects of this plugin are scheduled last in the development plan. I want to have a fully-functional town warfare mod working on our server before XP/leveling is added, as the amount of work involved in the RPG modules will be considerable.
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    If you haven't approached him officially why would you announce your mod? Because of this, I feel as one of the developers of Heroes, I would have to deny you this. We have a license which stops people from building upon our code. I feel like you announcing this without talking through with the developers of a plugin and the director means that you never actually intended to.

    Because of this, I am denying you using any part of my code which is in Heroes.
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    I'm really sorry - I mentioned this briefly with Kainzo and he was indicating that Heroes would be a good tool for the job.

    This wasn't intended to be an official announcement of the mod - we just need more help to try to bring our ideas to life. I wouldn't have announced the idea to use Heroes publicly if it weren't for this posting - you'll notice that I haven't made any mention of it anywhere else. My statement was more intended to raise awareness of your API, which Kainzo seemed to be pushing as THE standard Minecraft RPG plugin.

    I know that the code is under license and our use of would obviously be pending approval. We will be creating the town warfare portion of the mod first, releasing that, and THEN looking at options to add the RPG features. At this point we would be approaching you all to reach an agreement.
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    Yes - Heroes will be the ultimate RPG plugin - which you can easily add to by granting permission nodes through levels or coding your own skills for. However, the base platform will not be changeable in that respect. Other than attempting to repackage / claim our work, there's no reason for it.
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    To the Heroes team:

    I sincerely apologize for giving offense. When you said it was under license, I thought you meant something like Creative Commons, not that you would need to give individual permissions for each developer. When I mentioned possibly using the API, I didn't think it would be any different than saying "we're going to use WorldGuard's region manager."

    I have no desire to try to repackage and claim your work as my own - I was under the impression that you wanted to release Heroes as the framework for other RPG mods to build upon. I wasn't trying to use your source code; I just wanted our mods to run alongside each other on my server and create our own custom classes and abilities.

    The reference to Heroes in my original post has been removed. I'll drop by #DH sometime to discuss this further.
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    Progress log week of 6/27/11:
    - Hardcoded values moved to config file
    - Town code extended
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    If you still need an extra person I'll be happy to help. I can do most things that are needed for this in java, but idk >.>
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    Hi Rob,

    Sorry for the late response, I'm currently out of town until July 9th. We are still looking for another person - I'll send you a PM with more details.
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    I'm decent. I'll only join the server if you let my friends grief noobs. :D

    Oh, and I have a leveling system I've been working on that you could use. Don't use Heroes without permission.
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    I have to say.. this is quite intriguing. I might be interest, depending on what you want. Might I ask, is this going to be released to the public?
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    Albireo, that whole row with the Heroes team was about them thinking I wanted to use their source code. I merely wanted to run their plugin with custom parameters. I'll re-address that whole aspect later - for now, we're working on the non-RPG aspects, and everything else needs to be solid before we build upon that base. I would definitely be interested to see what you have; I wasn't planning to have Ragemod handle EVERYTHING on our server, but that would certainly give us more flexibility.

    Specops - at this point we haven't made any final decisions on how this is going to be released. A lot of that will depend on how much public contribution we get towards the project. Everyone who helps out will get their vote on these kind of issues. I will say that we're definitely not going to do any kind of release until we've had it running on our server for a while and released a number of revisions, as I think it's going to take a while to get all of the town warfare rules and details down right. Right now the concept is intriguing, but it's going to take a lot of trial and error to actually make it fun in practice.
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    Alright, that sounds good. I have actually requested a plugin that is quite similar to this(capturable cities/castles), and the two would proly run quite well together.It is almost complete, but let me talk to the dev about this, and see what he thinks. Anyways, if you have any small portions of it you would like to outsource, i'd love to help.
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    I believe it was a misunderstanding in that respect. Thanks for clarifying :)
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    Progress log week of 7/4/11:
    - Lot system started (for server capitol)
    - Auxiliary town commands added (info, residents, list, etc.)
    - Region code added for towns and lots
    - Zone system created

    Specops: I'd definitely be interested in talking further about outsourcing modules. At this point in time we're far enough along in the core that I think we'll finish that ourselves then consider outsourcing some of the later features.

    Kainzo: Thanks for replying, I'm glad we got that all worked out. It'll be some time before we look at adding RPG aspects (probably 2 months or so) so we'll need to evaluate our options then, whether we use Heroes, another plugin, or implement our own RPG system. Perhaps we could work out a deal where we write some custom ability code for you if we could get a few custom hooks written into Heroes that Ragemod could access (eg. allowAbility [think NPC trainers that you buy spells from], setMana, setClass, stuff like that).
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