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    I want plugin that allows you to be different races. Examples: Human, Elf, Dwarf
    (I had someone making this, but it has taken too long.)

    Plugin Category: Role play

    Suggested name: RP Races

    Things necessary for the plugin:
    • Abilities (maybe through permissions, but only meant for the races so it doesn't interfere with players who aren't a race.) Examples: Can breathe/feed underwater, fast swimming in water, able to heal in lava, more attack damage, lose hunger on land, etc.
    • Changeable delay time to be able to switch between classes (by days)
    • Able to create new races in a master .yml file for the plugin.
    • Interfaces for each race (description and benefits/disadvantages) when /race info <racename> is typed.
    • Color support for interfaces.
    • Option to set a race as special (set to true or false)
    • Races can contain permissions that are given to players only when they are a certain race.
    • (Optional) Ties into McMMO.
    More Specific example for abilities:
    So say that there are different races such as:

    Double drop for certain items
    Better with swords by 10%

    Does 15% more damage with bows.

    Does 10% more damage with axes

    Can swim in water like flying in creative.
    Can't drown
    Can gain food on the hunger bar when in water and can lose it on land.
    Can't gain food through eating actual food items.
    Can't lose food through sprinting

    Can swim in lava without dying.
    Heals in lava.
    Doesn't lose hunger at all.
    Dies in water or rain.

    Mobs don't attack unless provoked.
    Does 20% more damage unarmed.

    These aren't exactly what I want but just as a more specific example. Maybe a long list of abilities with changeable percentage on damage taken or given that you can add to custom races in a master .yml file described above. (Please come up with some if you can.)

    Ideas for commands:
    • /race - Displays help interface(commands available)
    • /race help - Same thing as /Race
    • /race i,info <racename> - Displays race interface.
    • /race b,be <racename> - Sets a race.
    • /race time - Time until their race can be changed.
    • /race list - Lists races available.
    Ideas for permissions:
    race.* -All permissions to races​
    race.(racename) - Allows them to be a certain race.​
    race.nonspecial - Allows them to be able to pick any non special race.​
    race.special - Allows them to be able to pick any special race.​
    race.all - Allows access to all races.​
    race.commands - Allows use of all race commands except becoming a special race.​

    Can you post it to BukkitDev?
    I'm not quite sure yet, I would like to keep it only for my server. (disputable)

    When do I want it by?
    As soon as possible.

    Are there any benefits to making this?
    I will not pay you, but this will be a very popular plugin and I hope that someone will make it.

    But there are already plugins like this...
    Actually there are, but they aren't public and the ones that are similar to this don't quite meet the same aspects of this idea.

    Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.
    For people who want this plugin too, please comment below for support!
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    Can you be a little more specific on what abilities for what race?
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    I was searching for this. I love the idea and I think it should be made.
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    Thanks, I tried combining a few plugins together to get this after a long complicated process. Once I did, it messed up game play for regular raceless players and also didn't list any races.
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    Ok for everyone to read (since I sent it him via PM already)​
    What I got so far

    • The Commands are working (except the time one)
    • You can sucsessfully select a race
    • The race will be stored in a flatfile

    What is still to do:
    • Nice formatet text for the commands (like help)
    • The Abilities
    • the abilitie to create your own class
    • (and out of that follows)
    • the ability to make your own abilities
    • And then a cleanup of the code. Right now it's a mess o.o
    Post Scriptum: I am only intermediate with Java (if even that good) and know nearly nothing about the Bukkit-API so bear with me while I am doing this. It is my first plugin and probably a hard one to start with aswell. lol
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    Yes! It's nearly done! Finally!
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    Sarcasm all the way, huh? :D
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    Nope. I seriously want to get this plugin!
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    L33m4n123 Alright I just changed the prefix to filled so you'll be the only developer.
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    I would like this plugin please.
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    hdf76 Managed to make 2 abilitys right now :3 Eating Food does not restore food (if you are the certain race) and also as long as you move you do not drown underwater
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    Can't drown
    Can gain food on the hunger bar when in water and can lose it on land.
    Can't gain food through eating actual food items.
    Can't lose food through sprinting

    those are done. (They need more testing though but it looks from what I could test, that it is working)

    Really want it to DIE or only to take Damage?

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    • Better with swords by 10%
    • Does 15% more damage with bows
    • Does 10% more damage with axes
    • Does 20% more damage unarmed.
    • Can swim in lava without dying.
    • Heals in lava.
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    You could try Guilds or Races. They're both fairly good plugins and have their ups and downs. I use Races along with PermissionSkills. If you need something like that, check these plugins out.
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    Take damage and then die if they swim in it long enough, like lava to a normal person.

    I already tried both of those plugins, but they didn't quite fit the idea I had in mind. Races doesn't give you certain options for abilities like this plugin will. Also guilds requires other plugins to be added to make it work only a little like what I want.

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    This plugin has already been made.... I don't know the name but i do know its out there i have used before in a server i used to play. If you would like to see the plugin i will give the IP for the server mc.massivecraft.com.
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    Yes I know most of this is based on the MassiveCraft race plugin. The problem is, there is no plugin for that. So L33M4N123 is trying to make it for us.

    How is it coming along by the way?
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    L33M4N123 hasn't been responding to any of my messages about the plugin for around a week now. I'm not sure what he's up to, but he was almost done.
    Yes we know raging, but since massivecraft isn't willing to share then we are making it for everyone.
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    oh i see I'm a bit new to plugins and stuff like this but i want to become more active in this sorta stuff for me and my friends and eventually others hence my plugin request unfortunately it has no replies and only views.
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    I would love to see this get released. I am in bad need of a good, yet simple races plugin.
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    bossomeness Have a look at Dwarftcraft its pretty EPIC

    Also isnt against the guidelines to ask for it to be private (only on your server?)
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    I've looked at it, but I've decided on using a plugin called RacesAndClasses. But I would love for this to be released. Also, If you request a plugin in the plugin requests section, It is public. It can't be private for just your server.
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    I done pretty well on this for my server -.-
    Edit by Jade: Removed advertisement.
    It's amazing how many rpg plugins there are but they are all missing key aspects that people actually need ;\
    I made my own after hours of searching :p
    Just wondering if the one that guy was making is availible somewhere etc. source
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    Haha yeh KingPsychopath ...The current plugins for races are pretty much bad. There are a few good ones, but they just weren't appealing to me.
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    I agree... PermissionSkills was a great plugin btw to do the abilities, it is a shame it died... I might try to get someone to revive it.
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    When is this released?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    It is not released

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