Races/Nations pluged for RPG server.

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Odbro99, Jan 15, 2015.

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    What i want: I know, there is some races plugins out there but since im using the Heroes plugin for classes, none of them fit what i want.

    So, what i want is just an simple race plugin which lets the players join a race . For an example, a player joins the server. He can then run the command /race set <Race>. When he have done that the broadcast sends out to all players a message saying that "Player has joined the Human army!" and then he can only talk with the other race in a selected world. So i want an option to set in which worlds its disabled to talk. Then he select a class and start playing.

    So now for the more complicated thing, A war.

    If you can or if its possible i want to add an event that starts at 18.00. I dont know if its possible to add that, it could be easier to set the amount of minutes it takes before it starts. I have an autmatically restart for the server everyday at 12.00, so if u make it read minutes that starts when the server starts. It could be easier.

    So what do i want for the war? When the war begins, all players gets teleported to their race spawn. Which you set by typing /war setspawnpoint <Race>. Then its PvP, if a player dies he spawn back again at the spawnpoint. This continues untill one race have defeated the other race King.
    The king is just an normal Villager that has an custom hp in the config file. When a race defeat the other race all players get teleported back to spawn and a broadcast Message: "Orcs has won the war!" And giving each player Money as reward.

    So what Races do i want?


    If a player joins this race he gets an prefix saying: [Human]


    And if a player joins this race he gets a prefix: [Orc]

    Suggested name:
    Races or Nations

    Ideas for commands:

    /race set <Race> - gives the player a race.
    /war setspawnpoint <Race> - set the race spawnpoint in war. (Admin command)
    /war setkingspawnoint <Race> - set the race king spawnpoint in war. (Admin command)

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible.

    Im thankful for every help i can get, and sorry for my bad english.

    Greetings from
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    I think you mean species and not race.
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