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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by CarbonixYT, Jun 3, 2019.

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    Is there a plugin that can queue players up if the player count reaches a certain limit? But instead of it connecting you to a different server could it be that it connects you to a custom world. All queue plugins I've come across seem to rely on BungeeCord but I need a plugin that can connect to a different world in the server folder instead. Example: player limit is 250, if the limit is reached then players will join the "queue world" instead of the normal world and after they are first in the queue they spawn in the world they left off at and same location. I am not an advance server owner and don't understand how BungeeCord works. If this isn't possible I could work on making a BungeeCord server but that would mean more server down time and my players seem to enjoy my server a lot and I wouldn't want them to move away. This plugin would need to work on 1.14.2 spigot/bukkit.
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    This would be possible, but only in a weird way I think.
    For this, you'd have to have extra empty slots on the server

    So, if you had 250 players at once, you could set the slot limit to 300 and then 50 people would join the server & be put into the other world.
    But if others join, then the server would be full and they wouldn't be able to join.

    You could have 1000 slots and have 750 empty slots for queued players, but I don't see why you'd want people to be in a queue when you have the slots for them to just play.
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    Maybe the server has the capacity & performance but you don't want overpopulated world or something and you don't want to straight up kick players? I really wonder wonder what are you trying to achieve with this
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    When players join and are frozen in place in the queue world they won't be affecting performance as badly as if they were actually moving around. I can't afford to pay for more than 10GB of RAM and I know that if players aren't moving around and loading chunks in it won't be affecting the server as badly. Know anyone who could make this plugin happen?

    I can hide the player count anyways, so it only has 250 slots, but really have 1000 slots. When players move around they load in chunks affecting performance even more than if they were stuck in place. Do you know anyone who could make this happen?

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    How long would it take? I'd need it like the 2b2t queue. And after the queue ends they need to be put into the last world they were on, i.e overworld at x y z
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    Well if you have performance issues I would rather recommend doing the connection queue outside of the server (without actually connecting the players), so you can use the "additional waiting world" capacity for actual players instead.
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