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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Zer0, Jan 3, 2011.

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    I currently use a lot of plugins built on the hm0d framework. Some of these I just have to have, for example, dinnerbone, you wrote the stargate plugin I use this currently and do not allow random users to /tp and /warp all over the place. Instead we have a nice network of stargates, will you be implementing this into bukkit? And same question goes for the rest of the team, what kind of features can we expect from bukkit?

    My big concern here is the same I had when mineserver was announced. They want to port it to C++ and make it more stable and less java is probably a good thing, but no one is going to write plugins for it. Can we expect to have at least some core functionality soon in the realm of what is already provided by popular plugins?

    I just purchased a fairly hefty dedicated server and if I get less overhead with my new shiny box (non vps for the win) then I'm game!
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    Question 1. Diner-bone (don't quote me on this) the creator of a stargate mod will likely port his over here so thats easily sorted.
    Question 2 It looks like it will still be java but as far as plugins go the majority of the Hey0 team are going to be going over to bukkit as it is essencially hMod2.0
    Question 3 Craftbucket is designed to be fully multi-threadable which in english means that if you have 4 cores it will use 4 cores.
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    more on question 1
    Dinnerbone is one of the lead programmers in bukkit so stargate is practically confurmed but it has been put on a back burner untill bukkit is oficially releaced
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    Well, Dinnerbone has been asked this before and has never actually answered directly. We can assume all day long, but I'd like the team to reply. Stargate as is, works fine after someone picked it up after Beta.
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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    Pretty much no extra features will be in Bukkit itself. Anything that isn't absolutely needed to run a Minecraft server and Bukkit plugins will be in a plugin.

    A lot of, if not all of, the hMod plugins out there will be ported to Bukkit though, so there isn't much of a difference for the server owners.
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    We almost have hmod support working in Mineserver and also in the future we hope to have Bukkit support and I even think Dinnerbone said something about this to me before like he like to see such support. So yeah there will be many plugin support options added to Mineserver.

    Thing is not like hMod and or Bukkit they are rewriting everything from scratch the server and the api for plugins and such. It's a really big project but not a lot of developers but it's for sure in my personal opinion the future of Minecraft servers.
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    1- The CraftBukkit will have the same commands of hMod?
    2- The CraftBukkit will have the groups.txt?
    3- When CraftBukkit will be released?
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