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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by RiotShielder, May 5, 2013.

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    Okay, just what the heck.
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    I think you have been looking at too much porn…these ads are different from everyone. After about an hour of browsing new, ads show up on here about there products…clear that history!!!!!
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    I don't do that, and if I did, I'd use incognito on Chrome, lol.
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    So i logged out of bukkitdev and disabled adblock... and I see surveymonkey ads, Beer ads and something called bomgar...

    I do not consume any beer, ever and never go on such locations. I think that ad is based on my geographical location. Bomgar, no idea what that is. As for surveymonkey... if I've been on their website I wouldn't need an ad of it, I'd need an ad if I haven't been on their website.

    So no, it's not just based on where you've surfed. It's based on your Location and remotely on websites you've been to. If you go on websites aimed for a certain age, you should get ads for that age group.
  5. I don't have ads because I have curse premium.
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    Curse premium for the win! W00t!
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    I'm Curse Premium so I miss these amazing ads :(
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    My ads are all pretty darn generic. Thanks to :p. I don't need Twitter, Facebook, and Google trackin' everything.
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    Offtopic posts removed. Thanks for the report, we will look the matter.
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    I got an ad for arthritis medicine...I'm 16
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    More off-topic posts removed
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  12. Note: I know this has been mentioned a lot of times but, go here if you don't want any more ad's
    Buy curse premium
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    Leave it to men to be offended by a sexual ad
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    Thanks for that link!
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    You could use NoScript for Firefox and only allowe and So Ads or social media widgets are problem for you.

    But i would recommend using another solution as blocking ads here with an adblocker is like saying "i want to use your services for free but i dont care how you fund it".

    Just install stylish for firefox and set the ad-box to display:none that way it would still be loaded and generate ad-impressions but is not visible to you.

    To all those who say "I have curse premium, i dont have ads"

    Well that is true but i believe many (i guess that includes you too) got their premium status for free cause they translated from bukkit forums to curseforge.

    This offer ends (at least for me) at 5/26/2013. As its not "auto-renew" i will see ads from that point on as any new curse forge user. The date may be different for you so check your premium status on curse forge if you are not paying monthly.

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    lycano Mine always says it will expire within a month, but it always renews anyway. I believe it's just based on downloads. As long as your plugins continue to be used, you will continue to get premium.
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    Every author with more than 1000 downloads gets free premium
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    oh really? That would be great. Do you have a source for that nisovin Bertware?
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    Oh, wow. :D I didn't even know that I had Curse Premium.
    Cool. :)
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    By the way, that girl in the picture above... I don't think she's 18.
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