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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by GROMkill, Sep 7, 2014.

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    Hey guys, I'm trying to plan out how my server will be set up for the future since 1.8 is out and Bukkit seems to be dying off.

    Will I be able to stay indefinitely on my Craftbukkit Beta Build for 1.7.9 like I have, continuing to use the versions of plugins that I currently have? Or will I no longer be able to actually use the 1.7.9 Beta Build at some point in the future once Bukkit officially is down? Sorry if these are stupid questions -- I've been trying to keep updated on what's happening with Bukkit but a lot of it goes over my head since I don't fully understand how the full system works.
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    You can continue with the version of Bukkit/Plugins you have for eternity. It won't ever stop working. Some servers may choose to do this in light of recent events. The problem lies with players who will more than likely update with each new version, and won't be able to connect to a 1.7.9 server.
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    Assuming the authentication, skin, UUID protocol, etc. services don't change.

    Having a server that cannot be updated means you are at the mercy of any changes in the Mojang services and now they know this. All they have to do is make a "security" change and boom, services no longer work for old/stale servers.

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