Solved Question about yaml (config) layout design setup [Req: Close post]

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ti07shadow, Apr 22, 2015.

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    Again, I don't see why you can't use ConfigurationSerializable, like we've been saying before. Other than "well, WorldGuard doesn't use it and I need to be like WorldGuard."
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    Is this still going on? When you save a location Y U NO DO DIS DOE in one block at the time
    /savelocation loc //Do some save command
    saveLoc(args[0]); //Call the functionatron
    void saveLoc(Player p, String loc) //Here is where magic is made
    config.set("Location."+loc+".World", p.getWorld().getName());
    config.set("Location."+loc+".X", (int)p.getLocation().getX());
    config.set("Location."+loc+".Y", (int)p.getLocation().getY());
    config.set("Location."+loc+".Z", (int)p.getLocation().getZ());
    config.set("Location."+loc+".Yaw", p.getLocation().getYaw());
    config.set("Location."+loc+".Pitch", p.getLocation().getPitch());
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    Please don't, that's what they were doing before. Look at ConfigurationSerializable, it provides a consistent and easy to use interface for doing this.
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    @mythbusterma what is everyone talking about my method works fine as long as you define the variable right
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    Your solution is undefensive and prone to breaking under an API or format change, whereas serialization allows mutation of the contents.
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    Not trying to be like world guard. I had the idea before I knew world guard used it, since that WAS not used in their last versions. I checked plugins to see if they did it and found several including world guard that do it.

    Also as, since people other than ruthless refuse to try to answer the initial question, I am closing topic and going to mark as solved, even though the answer seeking was dodged and nothing but shut down. I know there's other ways, I know there's better ways and thank you for pointing them out, but seriously could have put that out there after helping with the initial question at hand. As such I do formally request this topic to be locked. I have marked as solved.

    Thank you :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Locked on request.

    Please use the report button for that next time.
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