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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by tfacchini, Jun 26, 2015.

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    Hello guys,

    I'm just another minecraft / dev trying to have some fun with bukkit.

    So far I created pretty simple plugins, but without any major issues.

    Its common see questions about how to create new block skins, item skins, etc skins...
    I know this is not server side... what I would love to know is...

    By adding new 3d models / materials into a minecraft client. Is there anyway to make of use of these new materials in a bukkit server?

    If so, could you please tell me how? I really want to try some tiny but cool stuffs for my private server.

    Thanks in advance,
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    There is no way of doing as you want without having them install a resource pack or using a client side mod such as Spout (that is very outdated by now). You could, however, have multiple resource packs on the server and just use player.setResourcePack("url"); but the player would get a prompt for each resourcepack gathered this way. The first time the player clicks yes they wont have to click yes again. Same as no. So if a player clicks "No" when prompt, they wont be able to get the full server experience. (This was gathered from the Spigot/CraftBukkit resource for player.setResourcePack() for versio 1.8.3)
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    Thanks for answering. So as far as I understood, with the resources pack I would be able to change textures / sounds and this kind of thing right?

    Let's say I want to create my own block without mess around with the original ones? In fact, keep the standard ones and add a new block to my server? How could it be done?

    Sorry if it's silly, I'm just trying to understand how all these pieces and bits comes together.

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    Resource pack allows you to replace any of the sounds, textures, models yes. And any player that chooses to use your pack will see /hear all that. Those who dont, still only see/hear default OR whatever personal texturepack they are using.

    You can only retexture/map the existing blocks. You would have to repurpose an existing block for 'your own' model/texture (ie replace sponge with a big happy smiley face ball) but you would totally lose the original model/texture

    To add a new block to your server, you need to create your own mod, which would also involve creating a client-side mod to support that block, with its new properties.
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    Oh Boomer,

    Thanks! That's exactly what I wanted to know, nailed!

    Talking about the mods, which API we are talking about? Forge? Could you please give me some real examples? Would I need one mod for server e one for client? How bukkit would interact with this mod?

    Sorry If become too repetitive but I'm really interested on it.

    Thank you guys :)
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    a mod is a mod.
    You could recode the mojang vanilla client and server all on your own -- bukkit and spigot and forge and canary and such are all just different mod projects.

    Forge seems to be the popular avenue for supporting server and clientside drop-in mods, providing a framework to work within.

    Bukkit/Spigot etc do NOT interact with any such extra mods, they Can Not. They are server mods designed for vanilla-client connection and operation. Any non-vanilla support (new blocks, mobs) requires a different client, a client custom-made for the server or a client like forge running the client side mod code to complement the server side code.
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    I would suggest you do a quick search on how to create mods (I suggest MCPylo's MC ModMaker) and then look into Cauldron. Cauldron can load mods AND plugins with the help of Forge. ;) good luck
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