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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by maxsteele, Jan 16, 2011.

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    Hey guys, I've been reading up on Bukkit and CraftBukkit, and I'm looking for some clarifcation on a few points.

    I know that Bukkit is an API for programming plugins for Minecraft. I believe CraftBukkit is the integration of Bukkit into the Minecraft server to allow those plugins to work. Is that a correct statement?

    Will Craftbukkit have any default configuration or commands that modifies the server in any way? Will it come default with a whitelist, or a MOTD, or the ability to set warp points, etc...? Or is CraftBukkit simply a shell that lets you add any plugin you want to your Minecraft server?

    Thanks in advance for the responses!
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    CraftBukkit is simply a shell that lets you add any plugin you want to your Minecraft server.

    Notice that the bukkit project develop a plugin call Scrapbukkit to give you basic commands.
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    Perfect. That answered exactly what I was wondering about. Thanks!

    I'm going to try asking another question in my same thread rather than making a new one. I hope people see it!

    With hMod, I was able to reload individual plugins from the command line. This was great for when I was administering the server remotely and not able to log into the game. For example, I would add people to the whitelist, then reload it from the server command line.

    Is there a way to reload individual plugins from the command line? If so, what is the command to do it?

    Also, is there a list of commands available with craftbukkit from the command line? Like listing all the plugins currently active?

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    Each plugin need to implement it's own commands. If I take your example, your whitelist plugin need to have implement it's own commands, such as /whitelist reload.

    There are no command deliver with Craftbukkit. Only plugins will add commands. But, the Bukkit project have developed it's own plugin call Scrapbukkit who add some basic commands, and will eventually, add a /plugin enable/disable command. Note that with this command, you can, manually, reload the plugin, by succeeding the disable and enable command.
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    Appreciate the answersDjDCH.

    For now, I'll request the ability to reload the plugin for Whitelist in the plugins forum. But hopefully once released, Scrapbukkit will have the ability to enable/disable/reload plugins and that won't be necessary.
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    Well I think the question is more along the lines of: Does Craftbukkit support dynamic loading and unloading of those plugins (via console or in game /slashies) or will altering configurations (new plugins, updates, config file changes, etc) necessitate a server restart each time?
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