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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Horsty, Jul 3, 2011.

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    Hello Community,
    i´ve got a Question. I want to host a Minecraft Server on my Vserver. My Vserver has 2GB Ram, 2GHZ CPU Power and DSL 100.000 (Mostly 5MB Download and 1,2 MB Upload).
    I want to host a Server for only 25-30 People, now i have a Question:
    1) Is there a Difference between On "Nether" (Hell) or Off Nether?, and how much is it??
    2) Do i need more RAM?
    3) I have the following Plugins: Towny, Permissions, LWC, General and Magic Carpet, do Plugins need "more" RAM???
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    That is hard to tell because each plugging take different amount
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    i recognice a Strange thing. My Server uses more RAM without the Nether World. When i Aktivate the Nether World my Server don´t use so much RAM, is that normal??.
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    the more world u server has the more ram he needs for that quite simple...
    but usualy this shouldnt be your problem
    the problem of mine server atm and i think the most other server is just memory leaks

    they cause of: minecraft directly, maybe a none working build of craftbukkit (but they should fix fast), leaking plugins

    and why wich plugin or stuff leaks for you and for others not depends on ur os what your players do and what combination of all you run :-P
    i just recomment what i do also, read some prevention guides (a good one here on forums in help section) and monitor every plugin you install... monitor them over time... if they for example rise in 30 minutes with 0 players hard then you have a leak :)
    u wont get leak free without luck so maybe also plan automated restarts
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