Quantum Connectors, Blue Telepads, SignShops are la 'fin

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Ne0nx3r0, Jun 29, 2011.

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    IRL events, being what they are in the foreseeable future wont let me dedicate enough time to maintaining my plugins anymore, and so I'm marking them as inactive.

    Them being:

    If anyone is interested in picking up the banner and continuing on with any of my plugins please feel free, the sources are all posted and you can certainly make your own thread so you can manage it yourself.

    It's a shame, but as much as I enjoy developing plugins, I have to focus on more practical things in my life right now.

    A heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped me out (and put up with me), I wish everyone good luck with their own codez, and happy mining!
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    It's too bad you're busy! If I can find time I "might" keep quantum connectors alive myself.

    Speaking on the pull request i made earlier on your plugin, I submitted a new pull request, fixing a slight typo.
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    I wouldnt mind picking up at least Blue Telepads, and i'll take a look at signshops ;)
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    Nifty Monkey

    I'd love to be a part of the Quantum Connectors development. I was just about to start writing this one myself and then I found it.
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    Would you like us to take them over immediately, or wait a while?
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    Damnit neon! At least keep the server working >_>
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    It should be working?
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    the server has glitches neon. (last time i checked. i don't exactly play much)
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    Not sure what that means, but there's 11 people on now, and they seem to be doing alright.
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    Ah... Like, when I went on to see if you were on, no one was able to place anything "anywhere" or do much of anything, for that matter.

    And it's good to see you once in a while.
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    Oh yah yah, another exciting adventure of "Holy crap permissions is over complicated these days", heh.
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    As in you failed to give build rights to the default group? :B

    And I mean keep it up, like I know you've stopped working on your plugins, but keep up the work with the server, and join every once in a while. Just throwing this out there, if you need to, I could help run it, I have no life :D So I got plenty of time, and I'm pretty much the only person on the server (Besides maybe sora) Who is competent enough to run a server well.

    Oh and the server is actually down right now o-o

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    I have been privately maintaining the original blue telepads for my server this whole time, and since I've recently started developing other plugins, I should be able to keep blue telepads alive as well.
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    You do realize this thread is over a year and a half old...
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    This is true...

    That sounds good, if you like. TBH I still have it installed and haven't had to actually update it in a long time. If you want to host it on BukkitDev though by all means feel free to.

    SignShops is actively being actively maintained by someone else, but I still develop QuantumConnectors.
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