Q: Limited World, Surrounded by Oceans?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by elysianhero, Jun 9, 2012.

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    Hey everyone!

    A few months back, my friends and I made a server and I had to shut it down. We're wanting to start another one up, and I had a few requests from them. One, it would be cool to have a limited world size. I believe there is a bukkit plugin for that, so good to go! But, I wanted the world to be surrounded by ocean biomes, and still utilize the beautiful biomes in minecraft. Is there any way I can creat a world and "paint" it using biomes?

    Any assistance would be a great help :)

    Thanks guys.
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    Painting it would be hard but you could use tools like mcedit or worldedit or even voxelsniper to get that effect.

    A way to not limit but stop players from exiting the world is using worldguard.
    Use worldedit to select the region then /wg define randomname
    Then /wg flag randomname exit deny. Then they can leave.
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    Thanks for the help! I was planning on using WorldBorder (http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/worldborder/) to limit the world size. That's ultimately what my friends and I decided would work best. For a bit of "realism" I was hoping to actually surround the world with ocean biomes, because how Minecraft transisitons between biomes automatically is better than anything I could do in an outside program, and having the world stop in a field would be annoying at best. With water, I can simply make WorldBorder say "You can not cross such deep waters with a boat of your size", or something similar.

    I will do some looking into the programs you offered, but if what I remember about them is correct, it would take a hunge amount of work to make the entire border covered by water, and more than likely would look silly. Of course, if that's my only option, I'll do what I have to.
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    If you don't mind a line where it turns into oceans, you can use worldborder to generate out to the border (0 pad), then switch the terrain generation over to something like Cleanroomgenerator and generate water. I do something similar on one of our worlds, except I just generate air, so it's literally the END OF THE WORLD. Heh. I think it's cooler than ocean, though a few players have gone off the end thinking it was just a chunk error.
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    Haha, that sounds awesome. I think this may be the best option for me. Quick question, though. How would I switch the Terrain Generation over to another plugin?
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    Actually, I found what I needed. It looks like WorldPainter was the answer!
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