PvPvE Plugin Suite-Capturable Cities, L4D-Style , "Rifts"

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    In a nutshell: 1.Capturable cities by control points, income for capturing
    2. L4D style attacks on specified location, with bonuses for success.

    More Details Below:

    Hey guys, I have seen quite a few plugins for doing awesome things for pvp, but I would like to add a little bit more excitement to my Pvp server.
    Alright, so for the first part of my idea, cities would be capturable. I already do this with a plugin called catchme, but this is not exactly what i am looking for. Sadly, catchme requires me to use world guard, and it is quite difficult to set up. I would rather have a plugin for capturing that used either chunks, or easily selected regions. Factions support would be a must for this, as imo it is the one of the best pvp plugins (and what i use :p). Iconomy support would be awesome too, so there would be an incentive to capture cities.
    The next part of the plugin would be for the "monster attack" part of the plugin. This would go like this: Every 0-5 minecraft days, a "rift" would open and monsters would start to pour out. These monsters would be focused on attacking locations, in my case cities, and would continue to attack these cities. In order to repel the "rift", players from a faction would have to kill x amount of creatures in a certain amount of time. If they are successful, they are rewarded with money (either for them or the group that controls the city)/ items, but if they are not, the city reverts to "monster" control, and becomes condemned. The group must then re-enter the city and take control of it. One way to implement this would to spawn monster spawners in x radius around the capture point, but thats just my own brainstorming. This is kinda like horde, but a little more customized, plus horde doesnt include the option of having monsters having the purpose of attacking a location. Iconomy support would probably be necessary for this too.

    Anyway, thanks for reading that. If you know bukkit and java, and are willing to make both, or even one of these plugins, that would be amazing.
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    Added in a nutshell, so ppl told me it was kinda long Xd
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    If someone would try this, that would be awsome!
    /support :D
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    this would be an epic plugin i wish i could help nd would there be clans
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    Looking for someone good with mobspawning!

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